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Naotake Furusato (古里 尚丈, Furusato Naotake) (born 1961) is an anime producer. Furusato produced Crush Gear Turbo and Gear Fighter Dendoh.[1] Furusato conceived and planned of Xuccess Heaven (ザクセスへベン, Zakusesu Heben),[2] a Japanese multimedia project produced by Bandai Namco and Sega Networks. The project launched as an "animation RPG" for smartphones, considered the first of its kind, and later expand to multiple platforms and media in the future.[3] Hirokazu Hisayuki, Yōhei Sasaki, Shō Matsui, Yukiko Akiyama, and Hisashi Hirai work on the project's character design. The opening song is by iRis and Yumemiru Adolescene.[2][4]


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