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Naoto JSB 2018.jpg
Naoto Kataoka (片岡 直人, Kataoka Naoto)[1]

(1983-08-30) 30 August 1983 (age 35)
  • Dancer
  • actor
  • creative director
Years active2003–
Height169[1] cm (5 ft 7 in)
WebsiteOfficial website

Naoto (stylized as NAOTO; born 30 August 1983, in Tokorozawa, Saitama)[2] is a Japanese dancer, actor and creative director. He is a performer for Exile[2] and leader[1] and performer of the Sandaime J Soul Brothers. He is a member of the former Nidaime J Soul Brothers.

Naoto is represented with LDH. He graduated from Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School.


  • Naoto started getting interest to dancing when he became director of the dance department during his third year at high school.[2]
  • In February 2003, he formed the dance team Jazz Drug which consisted with two male members (Naoto and Nabe) and one female (Maiko).[2]
  • In 2004, Naoto visited Los Angeles, and accepted lessons from choreographers for artists such as Britney Spears.[2] After returning he served as a backup dancer for artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai, Bennie K and Maki Goto and to Japanese concerts for foreign artists such as Ashanti and Missy Elliott.[2]
  • In February 2006, Naoto formed the dance quintet Scream.[2]
  • In 10 November 2007, he joined the Nidaime J Soul Brothers.[2]
  • In 1 March 2009, Naoto later joined Exile.[2]
  • In 10 November 2010, in parallel with Exile, he became the leader and performer of the Sandaime J Soul Brothers.
  • In 26 October 2015, Naoto had announced that he launched his apparel brand Seven.[3][4]
  • In 15 April 2016, he formed the hip-hop unit Honest Boyz.[5]

Participating groups[edit]

Name Period of time
Jazz Drug February 2003 – unknown
Scream February 2006 – unknown
Nidaime J Soul Brothers 10 November 2007 – 1 March 2009
Exile 1 March 2009 –
Sandaime J Soul Brothers 10 November 2010 –
Honest Boyz April 2016 –


※His roles in bold are his starring works

TV dramas[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes Ref.
2010 Okagesamade! Tatsuhiko Kato CBC
Spec –Keishichōkōanbu Kōan Daigoka: Mishō Jiken Tokubetsu Taisaku-gakari Jiken-bo– Himself TBS Episode 8
2013 Last Cinderella Tomonori Kashiwagi Fuji TV
Frenemy: Dobunezumi no Machi Wataru Okajima NTV Co-starring with Shokichi
2014 Dear Sister Kuwana Fuji TV Episode 9
2016 Night Hero Naoto Naoto TV Tokyo [6]

Internet dramas[edit]

Year Title Role Website Notes
2009 Genryō Boxer Susumu Kitaooji Bee TV Co-starring with Kenchi Tachibana


Year Title Role
2014 Sakurasaku Omori
2015 Mango to Akai Kurumaisu Shota Igarashi


Year Title Role
2008 Crown Nemuranai Yoru no Hate ni...
2009 Atakku No. 1 Soldier Kanichi Yokokawa, Chief of Staff Sergeant Katsushiro Kashida
Sono Tettō ni Otoko-tachi wa iru to iu Kiyuki
2010 Moshimo Kimi ga. Yumoto
2010 Night Ballet Azuma
Dance Earth: Negai Kazu
2013 Guitar o Machinagara –Yatta ze! Honda Special–


Year Title Role Ref.
2015 Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Osamu Fujimoto [7]

TV programmes[edit]

Year Title Network Notes Ref.
2014 Viking Fuji TV Tuesday MC [8][9][10]
2016 Ningen Kansatsu Variety: Monitoring TBS Regular


Year Title
2012 GREE "Seisen Cerberus"
Fujitsu Arrows
2016 SoftBank "Sponach Live"

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Notes
2003 Bennie K "Better Days"
2005 Ayumi Hamasaki "my name's Women"
2006 Ayumi Hamasaki "Startin'"
Ayumi Hamasaki "Blue Bird"
Ayumi Hamasaki "Beautiful Fighters"
Maki Goto "Glass no Pumps"
Maki Goto "Some Boys! Touch"
Ai "I Wanna Know"
2007 Jyongri "Getting Funky!"
2014 Pharrell Williams "Happy" Japan Edition
2016 Exile The Second "Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!"

Live videos[edit]

Year Title
2006 Maki Goto Maki Goto Secret Live at Studio Coast
2007 Maki Goto Maki Goro Live Tour 2006 –G-Emotion–
Maki Goto Maki Goto Secret Live-Ekizona Disco

Magazine serialisations[edit]

Title Notes
Numéro Tokyo Occasional series


Photo essays[edit]

Year Title ISBN Ref.
2015 Jinsei Honoji-gumi ISBN 978-4908200038 [11]


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