Napalm Beach

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Napalm Beach
OriginPortland, Oregon, United States
GenresPunk rock, hard rock, grunge, punk blues
Years active1981–present
Associated actsThe Untouchables, Snow Bud and the Flower People, Wipers, Divining Rods, Lost Acolytes, Oblivion Seekers, Chris Newman Experiment, Boo Frog

Napalm Beach is an American punk rock band from Portland, Oregon. One of the longest-running punk bands in the U.S., they are credited by some as being early innovators of the grunge sound.[1] Nicholas Pell, writing for the Portland Mercury said "a huge influence on the grunge and alternative rock of the 1990s, Napalm Beach never had the name recognition of other Portland bands like Poison Idea or the Wipers."[2] Napalm Beach shared the stage with bands such as X, Public Image Ltd., Joan Jett, Johnny Thunders, Gun Club, Bad Brains, Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Dead Moon, and Poison Idea. They also toured Germany five times between 1989 and 1992. During their long musical career they have released more than 30 studio and live recordings in various formats on a number of small independent labels in the U.S. and Germany.

At the core of the group is Chris Newman on guitar, and Sam Henry on drums. Sam Henry was the original drummer for the Wipers and Portland band The Rats (with Fred and Toody Cole) before joining Napalm Beach in 1981. The group went through thirteen bass players before Dave Dillinger came on board in 1989.[3] The group's earliest recordings were done on the Trap label, owned by Greg Sage of the Wipers.[4]

Courtney Love lived in the Napalm Beach band house in 1981.[5][6]


Year Title Record label
1981 Trap Sampler LP with other artists (produced by Greg Sage). Trap (U.S.)
1983 Live at the Met Cassette (produced by Greg Sage) Trap (U.S.)
1983 Rock & Roll Hell Cassette (produced by Greg Sage) Trap (U.S.)
1984 Pugsley Cassette Skullman (U.S.)
1985 "Why Do Parties Have to End?" on Doomtown PDX: Portland Punk '78-'85 Cassette Mississippi Records (U.S.)
1985 Teen Dream Cassette Here After/Imperial (U.S.)
1986 Napalm Beach (Teen Dream) LP Here After/Imperial (U.S.)
1986 Moving to and Fro Cassette Skullman (U.S.)
1988 Moving to and Fro LP Loves Simple Dreams (Germany)
1988 Liquid Love Cassette, LP, CD Flying Heart (U.S.)
1990 Fire Air and Water Cassette, LP, CD Satyricon (Germany)/Flying Heart (U.S.)
1990 Satyricon...the Album LP (Compilation by a Portland nightclub called Satyricon, not the German label.) Satyricon (U.S.)
1990 "Pugsley" 45rpm flexi-disc in Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine Vol.2, No.1, Sept. 1990. (U.K.)
1991 Thunder Lizard LP, CD Satyricon (Germany)
1991 Rumblin' Thunder: Raw and Alive Over Germany LP (Live box set with Dead Moon) Heart is a Lonely Hunter aka Dream Hunter (Germany)
1991 "Chatterbox" on A Tribute to Johnny Thunders 45rpm box set with other artists. Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1991 "Just One Day" 45rpm flexi-disc in Howl magazine No.11 (Germany)
1992 Xmas With Satyricon CD (Live recording of five Napalm Beach songs plus two other artists). Satyricon (Germany)
1992 "Potential Suicide" on Eight Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers 45rpm vinyl box set with other artists including Nirvana. Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1992 Summertime Again/Last Big Heartache 45rpm single. Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1992 Curiosities CD Satyricon (Germany)
1993 Curiosities CD Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1993 "Potential Suicide" on Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage CD with other artists including Nirvana. Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1993 "My Master Calls" 45rpm flexi-disc with Poison Idea in Flipside Magazine. Tim Kerr (U.S.)
1994 Volunteer CD (Although credited as a Chris Newman solo CD, all 12 songs are studio re-recordings of earlier Napalm Beach songs from the 1981 Trap Sampler LP, as well as the 1983 Rock and Roll Hell, and 1984 Pugsley cassettes.) Flying Heart (U.S.)
1994 In My Tree CD CM/Shinola (U.S.)
1995 In My Tree CD Dream Hunter (Germany)
2000 History of Portland Punk, Vol. I CD Zeno (U.S.)
2004 Rock And Roll Hell CD (Combined digital re-release of the Live at the Met and Rock & Roll Hell cassettes) Zeno (U.S.)
2008 Kill for My Bitch CD (Live recording of a reunion show) (U.S.)
2009 Moving To And Fro CD (Vinyl transfer digital re-release of the original LP). Skullman (U.S.)
2011 Teen Dream CD (Vinyl transfer digital re-release of the original LP). Skullman (U.S.)


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