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"Napalm Sticks to Kids" is a call and response running cadence occasionally used in the U.S. military.[1] The earliest recorded example is from 1970. A version containing a third verse is found in the final draft of the script for the movie An Officer and a Gentleman, but only two verses made it into the film. The line of "Dow Chemical don't give a shit" was changed to "Chemical Service don't...", most likely to avoid liability[citation needed].

Recorded versions[edit]

  • Napalm Sticks to Kids, as recorded live by the First of the Ninth Chorus—an impromptu group formed by troopers of the 1st of the 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division

tape obtained in 1970 at Phuc Vinh, South Viet Nam.

  • English singer Bruno Lord made his blues based version in 1989 (using only four of the verses). As he was one of the members of Janus, an English band based in Germany in the 70's, this version appeared on the re-release of their 1972 album Gravedigger in 1992 as a bonus track. Full title: Napalm (Sticks To Kids)/Watergarden.


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