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Napasar is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°57′56″N 73°33′35″E / 27.96556°N 73.55972°E / 27.96556; 73.55972Coordinates: 27°57′56″N 73°33′35″E / 27.96556°N 73.55972°E / 27.96556; 73.55972
Founded byNapaji
 • BodyGram Panchayat (Nagar Palika Under Process)
 • OfficialHindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code91–151
Vehicle registrationRJ-07
Nearest cityBikaner
Sex ratio955/1000 /
Lok Sabha constituencyBikaner
Vidhan Sabha constituencyLunkaransar
Civic agencyGram Panchayat (Nagar Palika Under Process)
ClimateHot,cold and normal (Köppen)

Napasar is a town located in the Bikaner district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also know as one of most holly place of bikaner. [1]

Napasar was established as a "co-city" by the contemporary King of the Bikaner state: Maharaja Bikaji and Napaji Sankhala.[clarification needed] The city nearest to Napasar is Bikaner, which is only a few kilometers away. It is connected to the NWR Bikaner railway station and NH 11, which is 12 kilometres outside of the town. Napasar is older than Bikaner.

The native language is Marwari.[citation needed]

Napasar is one of the largest Gram Panchayat of India. Napasar is also well known for being the birthplace of freedom fighter, social worker and their ex sarpanch Late Bajrang Lal Asopa, also known as Netaji. He worked for welfare of the village and his so-called "Fakira Fauz". After he died, a statue of him was placed in the main market and in the Gram Panchayat.

Napasar has industries in manufacturing woolen shawls, cotton chaddars (robes), textiles, tiles, PVC, timber, food processing bhujia and papad, among other things. Their textile and cotton industries are growing fast[citation needed]. Many people in Napasar have jobs in agriculture or investment. Because of the large number of jobs in agriculture, the city is able to produce food for the local market.[citation needed] Main sites of attraction in the town include:

  • Baba ramdev ji mandir (joona mandir) deshnok road
  • Maa Bhadra Kali temple (Pareek Chowk)
  • Gayatri mata temple
  • GANESH Temple (at Deshnok road)
  • JHAWAR GUEST HOUSE :- Built by Late Hanumandas Ji Jhawar and Managed by Satyanarayan Ji Jhawar .

The First Ganesha Temple in Gangasagar (west Bengal) is also managed by the Jhawar Family

  • Ved Vidhyalaya (Sanskrit Pathshala - Well known for its education)
  • DURGA MATA Temple (known as Soniya ri Bagichi because of more influenced/maintained by Soni families)
  • Hanuman Dhora (A Hanuman Temple on dunes)
  • Laxminath Ji Temple (its land was given by the forefathers of late Shri Chogmal Ji Jhawar)
  • Maheshwari Bhawan (Built from the contribution of Maheshwari families and now it is the best place of its kind in Bikaner district and in neighbor districts)
  • Karni Mata Temple
  • Sai Baba Temple (Napasar – Sinthal Road)
  • Gopal Ji Temple (in Mundhara Mohalla)
  • Shri Ram Chandra ji Temple (Built from the contribution of Karnani Families)
  • Hanuman Vatika
  • Dungarpuri Hunman Ji Tample
  • Hunaman Bangli (Famous for Janmastmi Mahotsav)
  • Hanuman Temple (Jat mohllah)
  • Tara Mata Temple also known as Kali Mata Temple (100 meters from Napasar Railway Station and maintained by Bang families)
  • Veer Tejaji Temple (Near chungi chowki)
  • Jasnath ji ki badi (Jat mohllah)
  • Hanuman ji ka mandir Patta bass, nehru chowk
  • Pipa chetriya temple ( pipan ji ka mandir), middle school ke piche
  • A holy pond known as PANDRIYA TALAYI nearby Ancient Lord Shiva Temple
  • A holly pond known as PAKKORI TALAYI , behind ramdev ji mandir
  • Vishwakarma Ji Temple (Nehru Chowk)
  • Pipaji temple Gandhi chock Napasar
  • Sinthal 3 km far village that is famous for its scenic view