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The Napkin PC is a concept for a next-generation computer entered into the 2009 Next-Gen PC Design Competition by Avery Holleman. The concept won first prize, the Chairman's Award.[1] The award was personally presented to Holleman by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Holleman received $20,000 in prize money for the accolade.

There is currently no plan to build the device; it remains a concept. The technology is based on current technologies, like e-paper and radio frequency.[2]


A "napkin" holder functions as a base-station for the technology. The base-station is filled with e-paper "napkins", as well as a place for some coloured pens. The user can simply pick up a pen and interact with the napkin using the pen. The napkin and pen communicate using short-range RF technology, while both connect with the base-station using long-range RF waves.[2][3][4]

Holleman has also stated that the napkins can easily be shared. The napkins are also modular.[2][3][5] The pen wirelessly powers the napkin when it comes into close range.[2]


Images of the concept released by Holleman show the device running a variant of Windows.[6]

Holleman hopes that the Napkin PC will encourage creative groups to collaborate better because of the conference abilities of the concept.[1][2]

The device will require very little power. It will rely on not a battery, but a single-layer flexible circuit board for inductive power.[2][5] Holleman also hopes that the device will help cut down on paper waste and reduce the need for printers in modern society.[2]


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