Napoleon and Me

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Napoleon and Me
Napoleon and Me.jpg
Directed byPaolo Virzì
Produced byRiccardo Tozzi
Giovanni Stabilini
Marco Chimenz
CinematographyAlessandro Pesci
Music byPaolo Buonvino
Juan Bardem
Running time
110 minutes

Napoleon and Me (Italian: N (Io e Napoleone), French: Napoléon (et moi), Spanish: N. Napeleón y yo) is a 2006 Italian-French-Spanish historical comedy-drama directed by Paolo Virzì. It is loosely based on the novel N. by Ernesto Ferrero.[1][2]


In Portoferraio, island of Elba, young teacher Martino is fired over his criticism of Napoleon Bonaparte. Then Napoleon is exiled to reign over tiny Elba. He hires Martino as his secretary.


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