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This article is about the ethnic group that lives in Eritrea. For the Manchu clan, see Clan Nara. For people from Nara, see Nara (disambiguation).
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Sunni Islam, Christianity, African Traditional Religion

The Nara are a Nilotic ethnic group living in Eritrea and make up less than 1% of the population.[citation needed] The Nara people are generally Muslim, with a minority of people following Christianity and a few still practicing their African Traditional Religion beliefs. The Nara name means "Sky Heaven" and Speak a language called Nara-Bana, which means "Nara-Talk".[2] The Nara are divided into four subtribes, the Higir, Mogareb, Koyta, Santora.[3] They are typically agrarian and today have settled mostly along the border with Sudan.[4]

The Nara people speak the Nara language.

The Nara people used to call themselves the Barya.[5]


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