Narang Aw Badil District

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U.S. Army soldiers have been in the Narang Valley since at least 2009.

Narang, Kunar, Afghanistan نرنګ in Pashto and Persian is situated in the central part of Kunar Province, Afghanistan south of Asadabad. It is surrounded by high mountains and the Kunar River. The population is 36,700 (2014). The district center is the village of Kuz Narang (34°45′12″N 71°01′03″E / 34.7533°N 71.0175°E / 34.7533; 71.0175) at 742 m altitude. It is the kunar 2nd largest district regarding Agriculture Land. The irrigation system is under rehabilitation.The land is in much good condition and fertile. The irrigation system is almost the best in Kunar province. About 75% of the people are educated. The famous villages are: 1: Bar-Narhang 2: Kotkay 3: Badel dara 4: kuz-Narhang 5: Lamatak 6: dandona 7: Char qala 8: kodo ; etc

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Place name: Narang Latitude: 34° 46' 47" N Longitude: 71° 07' 00" E Feature description: town Area/state: Kunar Population range of place: is under 1000 Country: Afghanistan Country ISO code: AF

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