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Narasimha 2001 poster.jpg
Directed byThirupathisamy
Produced byVijayakanth
L. K. Sudhish
Screenplay byThirupathisamy
Story byG. V. Kumar
Isha Koppikar
Music byMani Sharma
CinematographyS. K. Boopathy
Edited byB. S. Vasu
Captain Cine Creations
Distributed byCaptain Cine Creations
Release date
13 July 2001

Narasimha is a 2001 Indian Tamil action film directed by Thirupathisamy, which features Vijayakanth in the lead role. The film features an ensemble supporting cast including Isha Koppikar, Raghuvaran, Nassar and Sharat Saxena, while the soundtrack for the film was composed by Mani Sharma. The film was released on 13 July 2001. It was later dubbed in Telugu as Salute and Hindi as Agni Jwala.[1][2]


After the death of their terrorist leader Wasim Khan, the new leader Rasool Akhtar (Rahul Dev) wants to destroy India. After kidnapping twenty Indian soldiers, Rasool Akhtar brutally kills them. Rasool Akhtar also brainwashed the orphan child Sher Khan (Master Akilesh). Meanwhile, Narasimha breaks the tight security around a CBI office building in New Delhi and successfully plant a bomb there. When he tries to escape, the minister of defence Raana (Raghuvaran) and the other officers arrest him. During the interrogation, the police fail to obtain any information from him and the next day, he manages to escape from the place.

Thereafter, Narasimha goes on a killing spree. He first murders the renowned music director D'Souza (Adithyan) in Mumbai despite being under the protection of the local don Shinde (Sharat Saxena). In Calcutta, Narasimha saves the wealthy businessman Kulkarni from the Director general of police C. P. Sharma (Ranjith) and kills him. During the Onam festival in Kerala, Narasimha murders Chinna Thamburan Iranyan (Kazan Khan), the son of Periya Thamburan Vasudevan ( N. F. Varghese). Narasimha even kidnaps Shinde, Kulkarni and Periya Thamburan Vasudevan.

It is then revealed that (Vijayakanth) is an honest army officer, appointed by Raana, working undercover to save the three Indian colonels kidnapped by Rasool Akthar. D'Souza, C. P. Sharma and Chinna Thamburan Iranyan worked for Rasool Akthar and helped him kidnap the three Indian colonels. Meanwhile, Vaanathi falls in love with Narasimha and they eventually get engaged. The day of the marriage, the terrorists kidnap Vaanathi and inform Narasimha that a person in burka will commit a terrorist attack in an amusement park. There, Narasimha shoots the person in a burka and finds out that she is none other than his lover Vaanathi. At the hospital, Vaanathi is in a critical condition and a tearful Narasimha ties the knot with her.

With a limited squad, Narasimha tracks down Rasool Akthar’s hidden place, kills Rasool Akthar and saves the three abducted Indian colonels. The film ends with Narasimha taking Sher Khan with him and he calls him "Indian".



The film was initially supposed to be directed by N. Maharajan of Vallarasu fame but due to a lack of dates, Vijayakanth had to opt for another director with Thirupathisamy, being selected.[3] Due to the success of his previous two films and his work in Narasimha, the director was signed up to direct a new film titled as Velan with Vijay and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles.[4] However the director died before the release of the film after being a part of a car crash while returning home from an editing session — the producers of Narasimha later dedicated the film to him.[5] The film marked the debut of cinematographer Boopathy, who has since been a regular in Vijayakanth films.[6]


The Soundtrack of the film was composed by Mani Sharma. Lyricist Pa. Vijay wrote his 100th song for the film.[7]

No. Song Singers Lyrics
1 Egipthu Raani Shankar Mahadevan, Harini P. Vijay
2 Innoru Desiya Geetham Shankar Mahadevan Kabilan
3 Kadhal Aararo Saisivan, Mahalakshmi Iyer Yugabharathi
4 Lala Nandalala Kalpana Raghavendar, Prathap Chandran Kabilan
5 Mandela Mandela Harini, Kalpana Raghavendar Vaali


The Hindu wrote that the film "has beautiful songs and dance, a touch of comedy, attractive costumes and above all a message which says that the country matters more than anything else". In regard to performances, the critic claims that Isha is "beautiful", Rahul Dev "impresses" and that Vijayakanth "has used his histrionic ability to do justice to the character".[8] However the critic from Rediff called the film a "commercial confection" and concluded that the director "doesn't manage to put all the ingredients together in the right proportion."[9] The film also dubbed and released in Telugu as Salute.[10] The Indian Express concluded "the film, despite its dramatics and slick presentation, lacks a clear, solid screenplay, and among the numerous characters, not one is clearly etched."[11]

In 2006, Vijayakanth and his brother-in-law L. K. Sudhish, the film's producers, were engaged in a legal battle to compensate distributors due to the film's losses.[12][13]


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