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Region Papua
Native speakers
450 (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
bpp – Kaure
nxu – Narau
Glottolog kaur1272[2]
Kaure-Kapori languages.svg
Map: The Kaure, Kapori, and Kosare languages of New Guinea
  The Kaure, Kapori, and Kosare languages
  Other Trans–New Guinea languages
  Other Papuan languages
  Austronesian languages

Kaure is a Papuan language of West Papua. It is spoken in the villages of Lereh, Harna, Wes, Masta, and Aurina.[3][4] Narau is either a dialect or a closely related language.


Attested pronouns are 1sg wẽ, 2sg hane, 1pl nene. The 2sg form resembles Mek *ka-n, and 1pl resembles Pauwasi numu~nin, but apart from that little can be said.

Kaure–Kapori hypothesis[edit]

Voorhoeve (1975) suggested that Kaure was related to Kapori and Kosare, two otherwise unclassified languages. However, subsequent evaluations have not found any significant connections (Rumaropen 2006, Wambaliau 2006).


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