Narcís Oller

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Narcís Oller i Moragas
A Narcís Oller - 001.jpg
Bust by Eusebi Arnau (1934)
Born (1846-08-10)10 August 1846
Valls, Spain
Died 26 July 1930(1930-07-26) (aged 83)
Barcelona, Spain
Occupation Novelist
Literary movement Renaixença, Realism, Romanticism

Narcís Oller i Moragas (Catalan pronunciation: [narˈsiz uˈʎe]) (10 August 1846 in Valls – 26 July 1930 in Barcelona) was a Spanish writer, most noted for the novels La papallona (The Butterfly) which appeared with a foreword by Émile Zola in the French translation; his most well-known work L'Escanyapobres (The Usurer); and La febre d'or (Gold Fever) which is set in Barcelona during the period of promoterism. He also translated the works of Tolstoy and Dumas.

Family: Narcis Oller married and had 3 children, who were Josep, Juan and Maria. Josep was a doctor and the first ENT in Spain. Juan was a writer was a writer and lawyer. Maria was a painter.Josep had married had 6 children. One of them, Esperanza, married and gave birth to Josep Santamaria Oller who later married and had five children of his own. Josep was a successful doctor who worked and lived in Lerida whilst raising his children. His children, Josep, Monica, Maria del Mar and Raimon have had children who are the great, great, great grandchildren. Alexandre, the fifth child of Josep Santamaria Oller does not yet have children, although, he was recently married. Josep Santamaria married and had 2 children, Joseph and Mark Santamaria. Monica Santamaria married and also had two children, Eduardo Valletbo and Max Valletbo. Maria del Mar Santamaria Serra married and had one child, Phoebe Binneman and Raimon Santamaria married and later has his own child, Raimon (Jr) Santamaria. These children have a strong bond as cousins and are the latest generation from Narcis Oller. Phoebe Binneman is the only girl and is aspiring to be a doctor, just like her mother, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great grandfather.

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