Narcosatánicos Asesinos

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Narcosatánicos Asesinos
DVD cover
Directed by Adolfo Martinez Solares
Starring Lina Santos
César Bono
Alfonso Zayas
Roberto "Flaco" Guzman
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
90 min
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Narcosatánicos Asesinos (Narco-satanist Assassins) is a Spanish language Mexican bawdy sex comedy film.


A satanic force transforms Alfonso Zayas into a 2000-year-old "Supermacho", a gigolo charging $200 for sex. He has a contract with Satan, in which the dark prince gets his soul after a time (at one point the Devil rapes him). Linda Santos is his companion, and has been for all time. He is a coke-head and sex-addict. He eats oysters for virility.

Innocent people have to deal with persons with diabolic possessions, bacteriological wars, and social loves (amores sociales). Zayas is frequently injected with blood directly into his buttocks with an oversized needle.

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