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For the hiphop genre, see Nerdcore.
Tattoo on Blake Cruz's back (Stalag 13, Nardcore Allstars)

Nardcore is a hardcore punk movement that began in Southern California in the early 1980s, originating in Silver Strand Beach and Port Hueneme. Early bands in the nardcore scene included Agression, Dr. Know, False Confession, Ill Repute, Habeas Corpus, RKL and Scared Straight. The first venues to regularly host punk shows in the Oxnard area were Casa Tropical (a Quonset hut at the Oxnard Airport), Town and Country (Port Hueneme), Skate Palace (Port Hueneme), and Casa de la Raza (Santa Barbara).

Much of the early promotion of nardcore came from Mystic Records, in Hollywood, California, and its founder Doug Moody, and promotion director, Mark Wilkins. Mystic not only launched many bands onto vinyl, but also promoted the nardcore scene as a whole.


The name is a reference to the Oxnard, California hardcore punk scene, combining the words "Oxnard" and "hardcore". This suburban community, sixty miles north of Los Angeles, California, was the spawning ground for many hardcore punk bands of the early 1980s and became a hotbed for punk and skate bands; collectively, their sound became known as "Nardcore." Nardcore was popularized by Mystic records, Doug Moody and Mystic Promotion Director Mystic Mark Wilkins over a series of Vinyl Releases in the early 1980s. [1] Nardcore tends to have a lot of the same characteristics as skate punk, but has a sound closer to traditional hardcore punk than skate punk.


Nardcore had a resurgence in the mid-90's with bands like Burning Dog, Clenched Fist, F.A.Y., No Motiv, and The Missing 23rd. Many of the bands of this era were documented on the compilation LP titled "Localism" which was released on Fred Hammer's It's Alive Records in 1996.


A few of the original nardcore bands, such as Dr. Know, were still performing in the 2000s. In summer 2002, a Henry Knowles Memorial Show featuring the "Nardcore All-Stars" took place. Original Rich Kids on LSD drummer, Richard Anthony Manzullo (also known as "Bomer") died on December 12, 2005, and their singer, Jason Sears, died on January 31, 2006.[2][3]

After a short tour of Hawaii with the Oahu band 8mm Overdose, Ill Repute disbanded in July 2004 and briefly reformed again (minus founding guitarist Tony Cortez) to tour Hawaii in 2006 with 8mm Overdose. Several original Scared Straight members are still performing under the re-formed band name Ten Foot Pole. One prominent member of False Confession, Scott Morris, went on to form Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Another False Confession member, Harry Meisenheimer, played for Stalag 13, Ill Repute and then became known as Harry Drumdini and became the drummer for The Cramps. He now drums for tHE kILLDEVILS©. A member of Stäläg 13, Dave Casillas, had a stint as guitarist with NOFX and currently plays with GG Elvis. Oxnard locals Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez (who drew album covers for Dr. Know and other Nardcore bands) and Mario Hernandez went on to create the long-running comic book series Love and Rockets. Many of Jaime Hernandez's stories revolve around the 1970s/1980s California punk scene, and the nardcore symbol is occasionally seen as graffiti in his comics.

In summer 2004, a nardcore 20th Anniversary Show featured new and old acts such as Ill Repute, Dr. Know, A.F.U., Stäläg 13 Sing Along, Youth Brigade, The Last Priority, California Redemption, Chritchen, Caught Off Guard, In Control, The Missing 23rd,Vengeance, No Motiv, False Confession, RKL, Rat Pack, Burning Dog, Habeas Corpus, and Total Resistance.

Dr. Know broke up in May 2010. Kyle Toucher has reformed the metal era line up who recorded Wreckage In Flesh. Singer Brandon Cruz has a new band called MDCN+MN (Medicine Man).

In April 2005 there was a CD Released by Let Them Eat Records entitled Welcome to the Neighborhood. The CD features Nardcore bands such as Dr. Know and Ill Repute, but also featured Ventura County's newer bands such as The Last Priority, and California Redemption.

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