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Narechen Baths

Narechen (Bulgarian: Наречен), also called Narechenski Bani (Bulgarian: Нареченски Бани), is a village in Plovdiv Province, central Bulgaria. As of 2013 it had 719 inhabitants. [1] It is set amid pine forest on the Asenitsa River (formerly named the Chepelare River) in the Rhodope mountains., 42 km southwest of Plovdiv. The village is notable for its hypothermal mineral springs which have transformed it into an important spa resort. Neli Andreeva, well-known Bulgarian folk singer, is from Narechen.

Narechen Glacier on Alexander Island in Antarctica is named after Narechen.[2]


Coordinates: 41°55′N 24°46′E / 41.917°N 24.767°E / 41.917; 24.767