Narender Nath

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Dr. Narender Nath is a member of the Indian National Congress party, has been a member of the Indian Legislative Assembly for the Assembly Constituency Shahdara.[1]

He was born 09-08-1945 in Delhi, and is a Medical Graduate working as a physician.

He has been active in Politics since 1971. He was General Secretary, Shahdara Blcok Congress Committee up to 1977, Member, Metropolitan Council during 1983-1990, Executive Member D.P.C.C during 1990-1994, and Leader of Opposition in M.C.D in 1997-1998, Vice-President D.P.C.C during 1995-2004. He was elected M.L.A in the Second Delhi Legislative Assembly in 1998, Was Minister of Education Technical Education Power Tourism and Languages, Govt. of Delhi during second Assembly. Re -elected M.L.A for the Third Legislative Assembly in December 2003 and in the Fourth Legislative Assembly 2008.