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Naresuan University
Naresuan University emblem
EstablishedJuly 29, 1990 (1990-07-29)
PresidentProf. Dr. Kanchana Ngourungsi
16°44′43″N 100°11′28″E / 16.74528°N 100.19111°E / 16.74528; 100.19111Coordinates: 16°44′43″N 100°11′28″E / 16.74528°N 100.19111°E / 16.74528; 100.19111
ColoursGrey and orange

Naresuan University (NU) (Thai: มหาวิทยาลัยนเรศวร, pronounced [mā.hǎː.wít.tʰā.jāː.lāj nā.rēː.sǔa̯n]) is a government sponsored university in Phitsanulok Province, northern Thailand. It was established as a separate university on July 29, 1990, which was the 400th anniversary of the start of the reign of Phitsanulok-born King Naresuan the Great. A courtyard with a statue of King Naresuan is located on the grounds and the students regularly pay their respects before it. The university has about 20,000 full-time students.


On January 18, 1964, the Royal Thai Ministry of Education resolved to create a branch of the College of Education (in Bangkok) for teacher training in each region of the country. On January 25, 1967, the Phitsanulok campus was established as the fourth branch of the College of Education and was meant to serve mainly the northern provinces.

In 1974 the College of Education was upgraded to university status and was named Srinakharinwirot University. Originally, only the third and fourth years of university study were offered at Phitsanulok, and students were admitted by competitive examination after completing the curriculum at one of the nation's associate degree level teacher training colleges. In 1976, the first and second years were added. Other majors besides education were gradually included, and in 1990 the Phitsanulok campus became independent of Srinakarinwirot University. It was designated as Naresuan University during the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of King Naresuan the Great's ascending to the throne.

King Naresuan the Great statue at Naresuan University

Naresuan University has a second campus in Phayao, which opened in 1999 and was upgraded to university level and named "University of Phayao" in 2010. It also offers extension courses across the country by nine education centers, including Bangkok.


In September 2006, Naresuan University was ranked as "Very Good" in a study conducted on Thai universities by the Commission on Higher Education and 5th in the uniRank 2017 Thai University Ranking.


The university has 16 faculties, organized into three thematic clusters:

  • The Health Sciences Cluster
  • The Social Sciences Cluster
    • Faculty of Education[9]
    • Faculty of Humanities[10]
    • Faculty of Law[11]
    • Faculty of Management and Information Science[12]
    • Faculty of Social Sciences[13]
  • The Science & Technology Cluster
    • Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment[14]
    • Faculty of Architecture[15]
    • Faculty of Engineering[16]
    • Faculty of Science[17]
New central library

Other schools, colleges and institutes organized by Naresuan University:

  • School of Renewable Energy Technology (SERT)[18]
  • Naresuan University International College (NUIC)[19]
  • Graduate School[20]
  • Naresuan Institute for Community Empowerment (NICE)[21]
  • Institute of Research and Development Administration (IRDA)[22]
  • Center of ASEAN Community Studies (CACS) [23]
Queen Sirikit lecture hall and theater

Naresuan University Art and Culture Gallery[edit]

The Naresuan University Art and Culture Gallery holds over 100 artistic works by culturally significant Thai artists.


99 Moo 9, Phitsanulok-Nakhon Sawan Road, Tha Pho, Mueang Phitsanulok, Phitsanulok 65000, Thailand

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