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The Nari-Nari are an Indigenous Australian group in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. The Nari-Nari are believed by historians to have formed in the Balranald area on the lower Murrumbidgee River, from the amalgamation of a number of groups in neighbouring areas such as the Wiradjuri and the Wathi Wathi.[1] The Nari-Nari share a western border with the Muthi Muthi tribe.

The area inhabited by the group stretched from Booligal, on the Lachlan River to the north to Booroorban on the Hay plain to the south.[2] Research on burial sites have demonstrated that the Nari-Nari were generally tall and strong. It is also believed that the group had knowledge of many of the languages spoken in the area.[1]

Today the Nari-Nari people are represented by the Nari-Nari Tribal Council, formed in 2000. The Council has, through the Indigenous Land Corporation, purchased two stations west of Hay to ensure the continued protection of the sites.[1]

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