Nariko Enomoto

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Nariko Enomoto
Born Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Manga author, manga critic

Nariko Enomoto 榎本ナリコ (born 1967) is a manga author and manga critic who uses this name for children's and women's magazines. She writes under the name Nobi Nobita (野火ノビタ?) for Boys Love and doujinshi, and for critical works. She made her professional debut in 1997 with Season of Sentiment (センチメントの季節?), published by Shogakukan.[1] She won a special award in the Sense of Gender Awards in 2003 with her work The Four Hundred Blows (大人は判ってくれない―野火ノビタ批評集成?).[2]


As Nariko Enomoto[edit]

  • Fushigi na Jiji Girl (ふしぎなジジ・ガール?)[3]
  • Gūwa - Allegoria (寓話-アレゴリア-?)[4]
  • Kokoro (こころ?) (adaptation of story by Natsume Sōseki)[5]
  • Uni-Form - Universal Reform (世界制服(ユニ・フォーム)?, Sekai Seifuku)[6]


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