Narimasu Station

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Narimasu Station
Narimasu Station south entrance 20160719.jpg
The south entrance in July 2016
Location 2-13-1 Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0094
Operated by Tōbu Tetsudō Logo.svg Tobu Railway
Line(s) Tobu Tojo Line (TJ) symbol.svg Tobu Tojo Line
Distance 10.4 km from Ikebukuro
Platforms 2 island platforms
Tracks 4
Connections Bus terminal
Other information
Station code TJ-10     
Opened 1 May 1914
Passengers (FY2014) 57,729 daily
Narimasu Station is located in Japan
Narimasu Station
Narimasu Station
Location within Japan

Narimasu Station (成増駅 Narimasu-eki?) is a railway station on the Tobu Tojo Line in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the private railway operator Tobu Railway.[1]


The station is served by the Tobu Tojo Line from Ikebukuro in Tokyo. Located between Shimo-Akatsuka and Wakōshi, it is 10.4 km from the Ikebukuro terminus.[2] Rapid, Express, Semi Express, and Local services stop at this station.[3]

Station layout[edit]

The station consists of two island platforms serving four tracks. Platforms 2 and 4 are used to allow faster trains to overtake slower stopping trains. This station has a season ticket sales office.[3]


1/2  Tobu Tojo Line for Shiki, Kawagoe, Shinrinkōen, Ogawamachi, and Yorii
3/4  Tobu Tojo Line for Kami-Itabashi, Ōyama, and Ikebukuro

Adjacent stations[edit]

Tobu Tojo Line
TJ Liner: Does not stop at this station
Rapid express: Does not stop at this station
Ikebukuro   Rapid   Wakōshi
Ikebukuro   Express   Wakōshi
Ikebukuro   Semi express   Wakōshi
Shimo-Akatsuka   Local   Wakōshi


The south entrance in 2004

The station opened on 1 May 1914 coinciding with the opening of the Tojo Railway line from Ikebukuro.[4]

From 17 March 2012, station numbering was introduced on the Tobu Tojo Line, with Narimasu Station becoming "TJ-10".[5]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2014, the station was used by an average of 57,729 passengers daily.[6] Passenger figures for previous years (boarding passengers only) are as shown below.[7]

Fiscal year Daily average
1950 6,724[Note 1]
1960 14,506[Note 1]
1970 34,416[Note 1]
1980 40,076[Note 1]
1990 37,067[Note 1]
2000 41,985[Note 1]
2010 37,548[Note 1]
2014 57,729
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Surrounding area[edit]

The north side of the station in July 2016

North side[edit]

  • Narimasu Library
  • Itabashi Art Museum
  • Akatsuka No. 2 Junior High School
  • Akatsuka Elementary School
  • Akatsuka Park

South side[edit]

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Coordinates: 35°46′38″N 139°37′57″E / 35.7773°N 139.6326°E / 35.7773; 139.6326