Narita International Airport Corporation

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Narita International Airport Corporation
State-owned KK
Industry Airport authority
Founded April 1, 2004[1]
Headquarters Narita, Chiba, Japan[1]
Key people
Kosaburo Morinaka, President & C.E.O.[1]
Revenue JPY 104.6 bn (YE June 2009)[2]
JPY 23.4 bn (YE June 2009)[2]
JPY 6.0 bn (YE June 2009)[2]
Number of employees
720 (July 2009)[1]
Corporate Headquarters

Narita International Airport Corporation (成田国際空港株式会社 Narita Kokusai Kūkō Kabushiki Gaisha?), abbreviated NAA, is a parastatal company responsible for the management of Narita International Airport in Japan. It is the successor to the New Tokyo International Airport Authority (新東京国際空港公団 Shin Tōkyō Kokusai Kūkō Kōdan?) which was established on 30 July 1966. NAA was privatized on April 1, 2004.


NAA has operations in four core segments:[2]


* In spring of 2016, the Corporation referred a case of cybercrime to the Chiba District Prosecutor`s office, according to an interpretation of "Obstruction of Business" under Japan`s Penal Code.


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