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Merck Records (20002007) was a record label based in Miami and run by Gabe Koch. It released electronic music.


Their releases cover a wide range of styles, from cut up vocal hip hop by their most prominent artist Machinedrum, to central IDM by artists like Proem, Mr. Projectile, and Deru, to indie-influenced electronic music like Tiki Obmar or Lateduster. They also release a wide geographical range of artists, from all over Europe and the US, as well as Australia, Russia and Japan. Also Merck is somewhat known for only putting forth minimal artist images, and not promoting the label in the traditional music industry push style.

Merck had produced 51 CD releases and 50 vinyl records by February 2007, at which point it ceased releasing new material.

A sublabel, Narita Records, has been set up by Merck to put out more dancefloor-oriented music.

End announcement[edit]

We are both sad and happy to announce that this will be the last year of Merck Records. Once we have released 51 cds (Merck 047 + 4 Mixes) and 50 vinyls [sic] which should be complete roughly around January 2007, we will stop releasing new material. We have many reasons for this, in the interest of briefness we will just say that its time to move on. After we have completed 101 total releases (currently at 94) we will sell off our remaining stock and there will be no more represses. We thank EVERYONE who have supported us over the years, you made this possible.



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