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Nermin Kamal

Nermin Kamal (Nərmin Kamal) is an essayist, novelist and short story writer from Azerbaijan.


Nermin Kamal is one of the most distinctive voices and most wide read female writer in contemporary literature of Azerbaijan. She widely published in literary journals and anthologies. Nermin Kamal started her literary career with poetry in the late 1990s, and as a novelist made her debut with Open, It's Me! (2010, Baku, Qanun Publishing), a postmodern novel, the best seller of 2010 in Azerbaijan, critically acclaimed, won Imadəddin Nəsimi Prize and Young Novelist RFE/RL Prize for debut novels.

Nermin Kamal holds BA (hons) in Philosophy and MA (D) in History of Philosophy from Baku State University. "Umberto Eco and Philosophy of Postmodernism" - her PhD thesis was published in 2008 and 2012 in Baku (Qanun Publishing). N.Kamal wrote this book while she worked as a post-graduate researcher at University of Navarra of Spain and Bologna University of Italy.

Alongside Azerbaijani, her essays and poetry appeared in many German, Russian, Turkish and Armenian literary magazines and anthologies. 2008 - she was one of twelve European writers invited to write an essay for the young.euro.connect German festival.[1] She was among the six invited to the readings in Berlin and Munich.

She worked as a writer-in-residence at Kulturkontakt, Austria/Vienna in 2011.

writer in residence, milo dor

She gave many speeches and participated in many book festivals including London, Edinburgh, Wien, Warsaw, Moscow book exhibitions and festivals.

She translated Sophie's World a novel on history of philosophy by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder into Azerbaijani (2010).

2017, January - The essay collection (of 70 essays) by Nermin Kamal published in Baku, by Alatoran Publishing, "Küçədən Keçən Adam haqda yazılar" (available in Azerbaijani).

2017, March - "Glückliche Wirkungen: Eine literarische Reise in bessere Welten" (German Edition) [1] by Ullstein Buchverlage, the anthology includes one essay by N.Kamal.

She was one of the founder members of AYO (Azad Yazarlar Ocagi), it was a kind of Bloomsbury Group of Azerbaijan, and deputy editor at Alatoran magazine(2004-2008), it was the first independent literature magazine after the authoritarian Soviet legacy of soc-realism, which soon became the voice of a generation. Alatoran published new generation Azerbaijani writers, as well as translations from American and European literature.

She writes regular columns for BBC World Service/Azeri.

Awards and recognition[edit]

2001 - "Journalist Nermin Kamal Interviews President Bill Clinton", The Interview of the Year, "Həftə içi" Newspaper Award

2010 - Imadəddin Nəsimi Fiction Prize

2011 - "Young Novelist", Radio Liberty Azerbaijani Service's Debut Novel Prize

2010 - The first place among 67 essays at the essay competition titled "The Life and Thoughts of an Azerbaijani Woman", organized in Baku with the generous support of the Women Forum and British Embassy in Baku.

2011 - Milo Dor Stipendium, Austria/Vienna

2015 - Rafig Tagi Award

2016 - Shortlisted at "Rodnoy Dom" Belarus Short Story Competition



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