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Faiz Ahmed Park
Faiz Ahmed Park
Narowal is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Narowal is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°6′0″N 74°52′29″E / 32.10000°N 74.87472°E / 32.10000; 74.87472Coordinates: 32°6′0″N 74°52′29″E / 32.10000°N 74.87472°E / 32.10000; 74.87472
Country Pakistan
ProvincePunjab, Pakistan Punjab
 • Total200 km2 (80 sq mi)
 • Total103,067
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Area code(s)0542

Narowal (Urdu: نارووال‎) is a city located on the western bank of river Ravi in the northeast of the province Punjab, Pakistan. The city is the capital of district Narowal, and a part of Gujranwala division. It is the 94th largest city of Pakistan.[1] The economy is largely agriculture-based but Football production and handicrafts industries also exists. Narowal is also known as the house of Knowledge as it houses many universities campuses, including University of Narowal, University of Engineering and Technology Narowal Campus, University College of Veterinary and Animal sciences Narowal Campus. Famous poet, intellectual and Lenin Prize recipient Faiz Ahmed Faiz stand tall among many of the city's leading figures. Pakistani pop singer Abrar-ul-Haq who is also a politician[2] belongs to the city. Faiz Ahmed Faiz Park is the leading recreational place in the District.[3] A famous Sikh Temple, Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur lies in the East of Narowal.[4] Punjab, Pakistan.

Main Road of Narowal


Narowal lies from 31° 55' to 32° 30' north latitudes and 74° 35' to 75° 21' east longitudes. It is located in the North-East of Province Punjab, about 96 KM in the north of Provincial capital Lahore. District Narowal borders with Sialkot in the west, Sheikhupura in the South, Gurdaspur(Eastern Punjab, India) in the east, and Kathua District Jammu Kashmir in the north.


Although contradictory beliefs exist, the widely held narrative states that Naowal derived its name from a land lord Naro Singh Bajwa back in Sixteenth century.


In sixteenth century, Narowal was a small village consisting of only a few houses of laborers around the farm house of Land-Lord Naro Singh Bajwa o.[5] The city is the capital of Narowal District. The history of modern Narowal dates back to 90 years when Britishers established railway link between eastern and western Punjab in its bid to strengthen their grip over the Punjab. With the establishment of railway junction, investment begin to flow and the city begin to flourish with the passage of time. After the partition and establishment of Pakistan, railway line between the east and west punjab was blown off for security reasons. Initially, Narowal was a part of Sialkot district, later gained the status of Tehsil before becoming the District in 1992.


Population of Narowal consists of various ethnic groups including Punjabi almost 80%, Mohajir19%, and Pathan including other minor groups 1%. Punjabi is predominant Language with urdu second large language.[6]

Majority religion is Islam 98%, Christians are 1.5% and Sikhs and Hindus are .5% approx.


Narowal is agro-based economy. Its fertile field produce high quality rice, wheat, maze, corn, and Sugar cane. Rice especially produced in Narowal, is a major export and earn foreign exchange reserves for Pakistan. Wheat production secures food security of the country.[7]

Except that football manufacturing especially stitching, handicraft are included among industries of Narowal. Various bazars including Zafarwal Road bazar, Railway Bazar, Chota Bazar, are famous commercial points while Circular Road Narowal is emerging as a new business hub in the city.


Narowal is known as the house of knowledge. Its literacy rate is highest among neighboring districts. It is the house of various universities and colleges. University of Narowal is the leading educational institution. Upgraded from the sub-campus of University of Gujrat, Narowal campus, the university caters to the needs of youth.

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Narowal campus is another university located in Narowal. It is a well-reputed university with excellence in modern technology.

University College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is another university campus located on Shakargarh Road, Narowal .

Narowal public school is also one of the best schools in Narowal. It is out of the city but still we count it in the Narowal district. C.M.S. High School Narowal is the oldest school of region, owned by the famous L.D.BE. Which is the same system that owns institutes like Forman Christian College, Kinnaird College, and Cathedral schools Lahore. This system has produced some Extraordinary people which are leading the country now. They don'tjust educate students but also give chance to students to show their talents in different curricular activities and show their creativity.


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