Narrabeen group

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Narrabeen Group of sedimentary rocks at Narrabeen Headland, Australia
The Three Sisters, made up of rocks of the Narrabeen Group, Blue Mountains.
Narrabeen Sandstone at Flint & Steel Beach, Broken Bay

The Narrabeen group of sedimentary rocks occurs in the Sydney Basin in eastern Australia. This series of rocks was formed in the Triassic Period.

It includes various rock types including lithic sandstone, quartz sandstone, siltstones, claystones, conglomerate and shales, some of which have fossils of plants and fish.

Above the Narrabeen group is the younger less fertile Hawkesbury sandstone. Below are Permian sedimentary rocks including measures of coal broadly known as the Illawarra Coal Measures.

The Narrabeen group is most famously seen as The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. It can also be seen in various places in the Sydney Basin, such as Long Reef near Narrabeen, and at sea level around Broken Bay.

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