Narran River

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Narran River
Narran River on main road crossing.JPG
Country Australia
States Queensland, New South Wales
Region IBRA: Brigalow Belt South
Districts Southern Downs, Orana
Municipalities Balonne, Walgett, Brewarrina
Part of Barwon River, Murray–Darling basin
Source A branch of the Balonne River
 - location near Dirranbandi, Queensland
 - elevation 179 m (587 ft)
Mouth Narran Lake
 - location near Brewarrina, New South Wales
 - elevation 118 m (387 ft)
Length 299 km (186 mi)
Reservoir Narran Lake

Narran River, a watercourse of the Barwon catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the Southern Downs district of Queensland and Orana district of New South Wales, Australia.

The river rises south west of Dirranbandi, as a branch of the Balonne River in Queensland, and flows generally to the south and south-west, before reaching its mouth at Narran Lake, between Brewarrina and Walgett in New South Wales; descending 61 metres (200 ft) over its 299 kilometres (186 mi) course.[2]

In March 2010 the Narran River flooded the Angledool Lake at Angledool and then spilled into Weetalabah Creek, crossing the Castlereagh Highway, filling Coocoran Lake near Lightning Ridge.[3]

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Coordinates: 28°59′57″S 147°48′12″E / 28.99917°S 147.80333°E / -28.99917; 147.80333