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Naruto: Shippuden (Season 5)
Shippuden season 5 vol1.jpg
Season 5 Cover
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes24
Original networkTV Tokyo
Season chronology
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List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes

The fifth season of the Naruto: Shippuden anime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. They are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. The fifth season aired from December 2008 to June 2009 on TV Tokyo.[1][2] It is also referred to by its Japanese DVDs as the chapter of The Three-Tailed Demon Turtle (三尾出現, Sanbi Shutsugen). A total of six volumes were published by Aniplex between June 3, 2009 and November 4, 2011.[3] The anime only season follows the leaf ninjas attempting to stop the Three-Tails.

On January 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes.[4] The English dub of the season aired for Disney XD on July 30, 2011. Episodes 89 to 97 were broadcast until the show was removed from Disney XD's schedule.[5][6] The season aired on Neon Alley with episode 98 from December 29, 2012 to January 7, 2013. Episodes 98-112 would air on TV on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block from February 13 to May 14, 2016. The first twelve episodes were collected in a DVD box by Viz Media on October 11, 2011.[7] Additionally, Manga Entertainment collected the first episodes alongside the last ones from the previous season on November 7, 2011 in a 2-disc DVD set in the United Kingdom.[8]

The season uses five musical themes: two opening themes and three ending themes. "Closer" by Joe Inoue is used as the opening theme for episodes 89-102. It is replaced in episode 103 by "Hotaru no Hikari" (ホタルノヒカリ, "Glow of Fireflies") from Ikimono-gakari. The first ending theme is "Long Kiss Good Bye" by Halcali used only for the first two episodes. "Bacchikoi!!!" (バッチコイ!!!, "Bring It On!!!") by Dev Parade was used as the ending for episodes 91-102. It is replaced in episode 103 with "Shinkokyū" (深呼吸, "Deep Breath") by Super Beaver.

Episode listing[edit]

No. Title Original air date English air date
89"The Price of Power"
Transcription: "Chikara no daishō" (Japanese: 力の代償)
December 18, 2008 (2008-12-18)July 30, 2011[9]
After Naruto Uzumaki has fallen down, Kakashi Hatake finishes off Kakuzu, and they return home. At Asuma's grave, Shikamaru tells Kurenai he will protect her unborn child. He plays Shogi with Shikaku and reveals what Asuma told him: the "king" that Konoha must protect is the next generation. After studying Kakuzu's corpse, Tsunade tells Kakashi not to let Naruto use Rasen Shuriken again because it will permanently destroy his ability to manipulate chakra. Meanwhile, Orochimaru learns of Konoha's latest victory and sends Kabuto to meet with a woman named Guren.
90"A Shinobi's Determination"
Transcription: "Shinobi no ketsui" (Japanese: 忍の決意)
December 25, 2008 (2008-12-25)August 6, 2011[9]
An ANBU sends a message to Konoha moments before he dies, having discovered what may be Orochimaru's current hideout. As Kakashi is ordered to go on a reconnaissance mission with Shino, Kiba and Hinata to find the hideout, Naruto is bothered over being warned not to use the Rasen Shuriken due to its extreme risk. Naruto is reunited with Jiraiya, who offers to train with him again. As the events occurred, Kabuto relays Orochimaru's message for Guren carry a mission and she initiate a death battle among the experimental subjects in her care with the survivors to be her subordinates. After Kabuto returns to Orochimaru, Sasuke Uchiha meets a boy called Yūkimaru.
91"Orochimaru's Hideout Discovered"
Transcription: "Hakken — Orochimaru no ajito" (Japanese: 発見 大蛇丸のアジト)
January 8, 2009 (2009-01-08)August 20, 2011[9]
Guren takes twenty-one survivors from the hideout and leaves to meet with Orochimaru, Team Kurenai and Kakashi arriving minutes later to her lair and find the barely subjects before they are forced to escape when the hideout's self destruct sequence occurs. Miles away, sixteen of the surviving subjects refuse to be experimented on by Orochimaru any further and attempted to kill Guren. By the time Team Kurenai and Kakashi arrived, the insects Shino sent ahead of them subjected to the same fate as the sixteen subjects, Guren and the remaining five subjects had left and the leaf ninja found the rest of be crystalized to Kakashi's horror. Meanwhile, as Kabuto escorts Yukimaru to their destination, Naruto and Jiraiya reach a hot spring with the former wanting to learn a ranged attack to use. But Jiraiya instead trains Naruto to use synchronizing jutsu, giving the youth a partner Gamariki to work with despite they mutual dislike for each other.
Transcription: "Deai" (Japanese: 遭遇)
January 15, 2009 (2009-01-15)August 27, 2011[9]
Kabuto brings Yukimaru to a lake, subjecting the boy to state of pain with pills and a chakra amplifying helmet in an attempt to draw out a mysterious creature. Guren branches off from her men to meet up with Orochimaru as he had Sasuke fight an army of Sound Ninja as training. Sasuke defeats them all, sparing his beaten opponents as he wants to kill only Itachi. At the hot spring village, Naruto has enough of working with Gamariki and decides to continue his training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu despite still not understanding the concept of connecting to another person's heart. Kabuto and Yukimaru arrive at the Hot Springs Village where Naruto and Jiraiya are, with Naruto encountering Yukimaru.
93"Connecting Hearts"
Transcription: "Kayoiau kokoro" (Japanese: 通い合う心)
January 22, 2009 (2009-01-22)September 3, 2011[9]
Naruto continues his training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu until taking a break while Jiraiya secretly leaves when a lead on the Akatsuki is presented to him. When Naruto wakes up, he finds only a letter from Jiraiya to return to the Hidden Leaf Village and continue training. But after returning home, Naruto learns that neither Gamakichi nor Gamatatsu can use Water Style ninjutsu. As these events unfold, Tsunade receives one of Shino's crystalized insects for analysis while one of Guren's men, Rinji, learns about the presence of Kakashi's team through a bat that he sent out.
94"A Night of Rain"
Transcription: "Ame hitoyo" (Japanese: 雨一夜)
January 29, 2009 (2009-01-29)September 10, 2011[9]
Kabuto entrusts Yukimaru to Guren, who is told her ability is needed and that her success in this take is the only way Orochimaru will reconsider making her his vessel instead of Sasuke. But Yukimaru falls ill on their way to meet with her group and Guren is forced to spend the night in a cabin. In the morning, Guren finds Yukimaru playing an instrument that his mother gave him. After giving him a crystalized camellia that will never die as long as Guren lives, Guren and Yukimaru head back out. Meanwhile, as Naruto tries to teach Gamakichi and Gamatatsu how to use Water Style ninjutsu, as Kiba discovers that the enemy may be using bats while Tsunade decides to send out Yamato, Sakura Haruno, and Sai to support Kakashi and Team Kurenai.
95"The Two Charms"
Transcription: "Futatsu no omamori" (Japanese: ふたつのお守り)
February 5, 2009 (2009-02-05)September 17, 2011[9]
As Guren meets up with her group, heading out to deal with the leaf ninja after Yukimaru gave him a memento of his mother's, Kakashi, Hinata, and Kiba move out while Shino stays behind to find some of his insects that developed immunity to the crystalization and breed more. Kakashi and the two Team Kurenai members soon find themselves attacked by Guren's forces. At the same time, after Gamatatsu finally learned to use Water Style, Naruto learns of his group's mission with Team Kurenai and talks Tsunade into letting him join. Tsunade agrees, with Naruto using what time he had left to master a collaboration jutsu with Gamatatsu.
96"The Unseeing Enemy"
Transcription: "Miezaru teki" (Japanese: 見えざる敵)
February 12, 2009 (2009-02-12)October 1, 2011[9]
In the woods, Team Kurenai fights Guren's men. Hinata and Kiba get stuck in a smoke screen prepared by Kigiri and Hinata is seriously injured by Nurari's attacks. Kakashi is stuck battling Gozu, and isn't able to finish him off because Gozu has the upper hand in speed and force. Just as Rinji and his team are about to kill Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru return to save her. They are then forced to retreat by the arrival of Shino and his insects. Meanwhile, Yūkimaru remembers his mother.
97"The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection"
Transcription: "Ranhansha no meikyū" (Japanese: 乱反射の迷宮)
February 19, 2009 (2009-02-19)October 8, 2011[9]
In Konoha, Tsunade discovers they have an enemy using Crystal Style, an ability to crystalize almost all surrounding matter on a molecular level. While on his mission with Team Kakashi, Naruto meets Yukimaru once again and talks to him. Guren puts a gigantic Crystal Labyrinth over the forest trapping Team Kurenai inside. Guren then prepares six Crystal Clones that she sicks on Kakashi and Team Kurenai. Hinata defeats one clone but is locked up in a Crystal Prison by another, Guren using her as hostage as Team Kakashi reaches the borders of the labyrinth and Naruto uses his new Jutsu with Gamatatsu to bust a way in.
98"The Target Appears"
Transcription: "Arawareta hyōteki" (Japanese: 現れた標的)
February 26, 2009 (2009-02-26)November 5, 2011[9]
With Guren's Crystal Labyrinth shattered, Team Kakashi arrives to help Team Kurenai retrieve Hinata and fall back. Guren decides to let the Leaf ninja retreat and rendezvous with her men at their base. Though Hinata survived crystalization by coating herself in her chakra, she is left weakened and left in Sakura and Sai's care while the rest go after Guren. Kabuto appears before Guren's group and escorts them to the lake, allowing only Guren and Gozu to come with him and Yukimaru. Once the boat is in position, having Yukimaru in agony again, Kabuto has Guren create five Crystal Pillars around them to harness Yukimaru's chakra to summon the mysterious creature under the lake: the tailed beast known as the Three-Tails.
99"The Rampaging Tailed Beast"
Transcription: "Arekurū Bijū" (Japanese: 荒れ狂う尾獣)
March 5, 2009 (2009-03-05)December 29, 2012 (online)
February 13, 2016 (TV)
Yukimaru summons the Three-Tails and immobilizes it while Guren tries to capture it, but it manages to break free and attack. Kakashi tells Naruto to investigate the lake, while they find Rinji and the others. Rinji and his men prepare an ambush, but Hinata, Sakura, and Sai arrive to avert it. Naruto summons Gamakichi and Gamatatsu and approaches the Three-Tails, where they see Yukimaru and learn of his allegiance to Guren. Trying to save Guren, Yukimaru tries to suppress the Three-Tails once more, before managing to escape with her.
100"Inside the Mist"
Transcription: "Kiri no naka de" (Japanese: 霧の中で)
March 12, 2009 (2009-03-12)December 29, 2012 (online)
February 20, 2016 (TV)
Guren is rendered unconscious and relives her past as Naruto is caught in an illusion about Sasuke. After Kakashi finds him, Teams Kakashi and Kurenai conclude the mist around them causes Genjutsu courtesy of the Three-Tails. After Guren wakes up, Yūkimaru suffers another fever and passes out. Tsunade hears of the Three-Tails and assembles Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee to go and seal it before the Akatsuki do. Naruto and Sakura talk about the home that people should return to before Naruto heads off to find Yūkimaru.
101"Everyone's Feelings"
Transcription: "Sorezore no omoi" (Japanese: それぞれの想い)
March 26, 2009 (2009-03-26)December 31, 2012 (online)
February 27, 2016 (TV)
Naruto runs into Guren while trying to find Yūkimaru, and battles her in a short fight. Yamato and Kakashi find Naruto and bring him back to the group. Kabuto tells Guren that Yūkimaru is only a tool to control the Three-Tails, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee meet up with the ninjas to tell them of their new mission to seal the Three-Tails before Orochimaru's group can capture it.
Transcription: "Saihensei!" (Japanese: 再編成!)
March 26, 2009 (2009-03-26)December 31, 2012 (online)
March 5, 2016 (TV)
Naruto and his teammates meet Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee. The ninjas are split into three teams by Kakashi. The Sealing team is made up of Shizune, Sakura, Ino and Hinata. Kakashi, Naruto, Sai and Shino form the Fighting team and the Guarding team consists of Yamato, Lee, Tenten and Kiba. Tenten passes Naruto a scroll for the mission that the Fifth Hokage gave to her. In a new development, Rinji turns out to be Kabuto's spy on Guren.
103"The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier"
Transcription: "Kekkai Shihō Fūjin" (Japanese: 結界四方封陣)
April 9, 2009 (2009-04-09)December 31, 2012 (online)
March 12, 2016 (TV)
The teams set off. Naruto introduces Sai and Shino to each other. The sealing team prepares a search and barrier jutsu to seal the Three-Tailed Beast. Kakashi's fighting team is suddenly attacked by Gozu and Guren while the guarding team begins fighting as well. Lee, Tenten and Kiba finish off Rinji's subordinates with ease. Meanwhile, Naruto angers Guren saying it's his fault Yūkimaru went over to 'her side' and that he won't allow her using him as a tool.
104"Breaking the Crystal Style"
Transcription: "Shōton kuzushi" (Japanese: 晶遁崩し)
April 9, 2009 (2009-04-09)December 31, 2012 (online)
March 19, 2016 (TV)
The Fighting team continues its battle. Tobi decides to go seek the Three-Tails on his own as he had angered Deidara earlier. He discovers the sealing team trying to seal the Three-Tails at the lake. Shino's bugs defeat Guren, but Kakashi is stopped from killing her by Gozu, who apparently dies protecting Guren. The guarding team stops Rinji from interfering with the sealing team just as Guren remembers she is the one who killed Yūkimaru's mother. Kabuto uses this fact to manipulate Guren.
105"The Battle Over the Barrier"
Transcription: "Kekkai kōbōsen" (Japanese: 結界攻防戦)
April 16, 2009 (2009-04-16)January 5, 2013 (online)
March 26, 2016 (TV)
Guren heads back to the lake with Yūkimaru and Kabuto to stop the sealing. With Rinji's help, she manages to disrupt the jutsu, and the beast begins attacking the ninja on the lake. As the beast tries to attack Guren, Yūkimaru uses his power to make it stop, and Orochimaru's plan is revealed to have been to manipulate Yūkimaru to love Guren and willingly use his power for her.
106"Red Camellia"
Transcription: "Akai tsubaki" (Japanese: 赤い椿)
April 23, 2009 (2009-04-23)January 5, 2013 (online)
April 2, 2016 (TV)
Yūkimaru falters and the Three-Tails attacks Guren. Yūkimaru uses his power to restrain the Three-Tails, but he runs out of chakra and is unable to do so. Guren leaves her position and protects Yūkimaru with a Crystal Style shield. Tobi, noticing the beast, goes to bring Deidara to it. Naruto goes out to find Yūkimaru, but ends up fighting the Three-Tails with Guren. Despite their efforts to defeat it, the beast overpowers the two of them, and then proceeds to swallow them. Meanwhile, Kakashi, Shino, and Sai find Yūkimaru unconscious and flee with him, leaving Kabuto frustrated.
107"Strange Bedfellows"
Transcription: "Goetsudōshū" (Japanese: 呉越同舟)
April 30, 2009 (2009-04-30)January 5, 2013 (online)
April 9, 2016 (TV)
Guren tries to attack Naruto within the Three-Tails, but passes out instead. Meanwhile, Sakura and Ino heal Yūkimaru while Kakashi, Shizune, Kiba, Sai, and Hinata search for Naruto. Guren awakens and is shocked that Naruto has helped her recover rather than kill her. Naruto tells her that he could not bring himself to kill a passed out ninja especially after helping him survive against Three-Tails. Naruto and Guren soon encounter a horde of mini Three-Tails that try to attack them, but they evade them and begin to argue about Yūkimaru. While Yūkimaru awakens, Naruto summons numerous Shadow Clones to look for a way out of the beast's stomach. Elsewhere, Kabuto gives Curse Marks to Rinji's men, ordering them to capture Yūkimaru.
108"Guidepost of the Camellia"
Transcription: "Tsubaki no michishirube" (Japanese: 椿の道標)
May 7, 2009 (2009-05-07)January 5, 2013 (online)
April 16, 2016 (TV)
Naruto and Guren help each other from the hungry mini Three-Tails as Rinji's men attack Lee's group. Yūkimaru and Kakashi devise a plan to track the Three-Tails with the boy's power and get Naruto and Guren out. After Naruto and Guren escape from an illusion making fog, Naruto begins to realize Guren's good intentions. Yūkimaru then plays the song his mother taught him right above where the Three-Tails is submerged and Kakashi makes a crack in the beast's barrier; Naruto and Guren hear the tune and blast their way out.
109"Counterattack of the Curse Mark"
Transcription: "Juin no gyakushū" (Japanese: 呪印の逆襲)
May 14, 2009 (2009-05-14)January 7, 2013 (online)
April 23, 2016 (TV)
The Sealing Team prepare to contain the Three-Tails again, and tell Sai to take Yūkimaru somewhere safe, but he is attacked by Kabuto's men. Rinji finds them, but they decide not to work for Orochimaru anymore. They suddenly begin to suffer side effects from their powers, and Rinji gives them an antidote after making them promise to not betray him. The Sealing Team is attacked by Rinji's men, but are defended by Kakashi, Yamato and Shino. Rinji makes Yūkimaru eat more pills to control the Three-Tails.
110"Memory of Guilt"
Transcription: "Tsumi no kioku" (Japanese: 罪の記憶)
May 21, 2009 (2009-05-21)January 7, 2013 (online)
April 30, 2016 (TV)
The Sealing Team continues to seal the Three-Tails with Katsuyu's help while Kakashi, Yamato and Shino defeat Rinji's men and prepare to find Yūkimaru. Meanwhile, Naruto and Guren find Rinji with Yūkimaru, and Rinji reveals to him that Guren was the one who killed his mother. Yūkimaru forgives Guren, however Rinji tries to attack her but is stopped by Naruto. Rinji is then revealed to be Kabuto in disguise, who threatens to kill Naruto if he gets in his way.
111"Shattered Promise"
Transcription: "Kudakareta yakusoku" (Japanese: 砕かれた約束)
May 28, 2009 (2009-05-28)January 7, 2013 (online)
May 7, 2016 (TV)
Kabuto explains that he killed Rinji, and that Orochimaru wants the Three-Tails for an upcoming war. He summons Rinji's corpse to attack Guren. Guren manages to fight back by crystalizing herself along with Rinji. The huge crystal, with Guren and Rinji inside, drops into the lake, causing Yūkimaru to believe that Guren is dead. His grief causes the Three-Tails to fly into a rage. Naruto uses his Collaboration Jutsu to assail the Three-Tails, forcing it underwater. Naruto goes to Yūkimaru, and tells him they will go home together.
112"A Place to Return To"
Transcription: "Kaerubeki basho" (Japanese: 帰るべき場所)
June 4, 2009 (2009-06-04)January 7, 2013 (online)
May 14, 2016 (TV)
Gozu rescues Guren at the bottom of the lake and Yukimaru, who has lost his ability to control the Three-Tails, leaves with Guren and Gozu. Tsunade orders the teams to return to the village to regroup because of their wounds and sends ANBU to keep watch of the lake. Tobi and Deidara, meanwhile, return to the lake. After Deidara kills the ANBU members, the two Akatsuki members lure out the Three Tails, capturing it easily.

Home releases[edit]


Volume Date Discs Episodes Reference
1 June 3, 2009 1 89–92 [10]
2 July 1, 2009 1 93–96 [10]
3 August 5, 2009 1 97–100 [10]
4 September 2, 2009 1 101–104 [10]
5 October 7, 2009 1 105–108 [10]
6 November 4, 2009 1 109–112 [10]


Viz Media (North America, Region 1)
Box set Date Discs Episodes Reference
8 October 11, 2011 3 89–100 [11]
9 January 24, 2012 3 101–112 [12]
Manga Entertainment (United Kingdom, Region 2)
Volume Date Discs Episodes Reference
8 February 24, 2012 2 89–100 [13]
9 June 4, 2012 2 101–112 [14]
Madman Entertainment (Australia/New Zealand, Region 4)
Collection Date Discs Episodes Reference
8 February 15, 2012 2 89–100 [15]
9 May 23, 2012 2 101–112 [16]


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