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Location Narvik
Coordinates 68°26′30″N 17°26′30″E / 68.44167°N 17.44167°E / 68.44167; 17.44167Coordinates: 68°26′30″N 17°26′30″E / 68.44167°N 17.44167°E / 68.44167; 17.44167
Elevation 46.6 m
Owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration
Operated by SJ
Line(s) Ofoten Line
Distance 3.70 km
Platforms 2
Connections Bus: to Bodø, Tromsø, Lofoten
Opened 1902
Narvik is located in Norway
Location within Norway

Narvik is a railway station located in Narvik in Nordland, Norway on the Ofoten Line. The station is located 3.70 km from the line terminus at Narvik Port and is served by three daily passenger trains from, respectively, Kiruna, Luleå and Stockholm in Sweden. These passenger services are currently operated by Veolia Transportation. The station is located at 46.6 meters above sea level and is 1579.9 km from Stockholm. It was opened in 1902 along with Ofotbanen and the Iron Ore Line.

The station at Narvik represents the northern terminus for one of Europe's most celebrated night trains. The Norrlandståget leaves Stockholm around six every afternoon, reaches Lappmarken by early the following morning, and then traverses the mountains that delimit the modern frontier between Sweden and Norway to reach the Ofotfjord, on the south shore of which lies the port of Narvik, where it arrives early afternoon. It is a journey which has been praised as "surely one of the most engaging adventures by train in all Europe".[1]

A steam locomotive hauling an ore train at Narvik in 1906

Onward journey is by bus only. The Narvik bus station is located 1.5 km (1 mile) further south. Northbound buses that go within one hour after the train arrival stop at the railway station.


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