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Kushite King of Meroe
Predecessor Siaspiqa
Successor Malewiebamani
Spouse Queen Saka'aye
Issue Malewiebamani and possibly Talakhmani
Full name
Burial Nuri 19
M23 M23 Aa18 Aa1 Z1 U1 D1
in hieroglyphs

Nasakhma (Nasakhmaqa) was a Kushite King of Meroe.

He was the successor of king Siaspiqa.

Nasakhma was succeeded by Malewiebamani, who may have been his eldest son. It is possible that Talakhmani was a younger son of Nasakhma who took the throne after his brother Malewiebamani.[1] Another possibility is that Talakhmani is Malewiebamani's son [2] and thus possibly Nasakhma's grandson.

Nasakhma was buried at Nuri (Nu. 19).[1] The Boston Museum of Fine Arts holds several objects that may belong to Nasakhma: shabtis, vessel fragments, etc. excavated form his tomb.


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