Nasal vestibule

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Nasal vestibule
Sagittal section of nose mouth, pharynx, and larynx.
Lateral wall of nasal cavity.
Latin vestibulum nasi
TA A06.1.02.009
FMA 59644
Anatomical terminology

The nasal vestibule is the most anterior part of the nasal cavity. It is enclosed by the cartilages of nose and lined by the same epithelium of the skin (stratified squamous, keratinized). The other part of the nasal cavity, which is lined by the respiratory epithelium, is called nasal cavity proper. Inside the vestibule are small hairs called vibrissae, which filter dust and other matter that are breathed in. Within the vestibule, the epithelium loses its keratinised nature and undergoes a transition into typical respiratory epithelium before entering the nasal fossa.