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Nasaruddin Umar is the founder of the Indonesian interfaith organization Masyarakat Dialog antar Umat Beragama and was vice minister (2011–2014) in the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs (Departemen Agama). He is also a member of the UK-Indonesia Advisory Team, founded by UK prime minister Tony Blair.[1]

He is the author of 12 books, among them: Argumen Kesetaraan Gender Perspektif Al-Quran (Paramadina, 1999), which examines gender bias in the Quran.[2]


Nasaruddin Umar did his postgraduate studies at IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, resulting is a Magister degree (1992), and a doctorate (1998).

During his doctorate studies, he was a visiting student for a PhD Program at McGill University, Montreal, Canada (1993–1994), and a visiting student for a PhD Program at Leiden University, Netherlands (1994–1995).

After achieving his doctorate, he was a visiting scholar at Shopia University, Tokyo (2001), a visiting scholar at SAOS University of London (2001–2002), and a visiting Scholar at Georgetown University, Washington DC (2003–2004).


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