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Nascent Iodine sometimes known by the generic term atomic iodine or generic trademark name Atomidine or by the misname detoxified iodine, is a liquid orally administered supplemental form of iodine, claimed to be in the monatomic state,[1][2] originating from a 1931 Edgar Cayce formula. There is no evidence that "Nascent Iodine" is in any way distinct or superior to tincture of iodine. The promotion of "Nascent Iodine" is a form of quackery.

History and development[edit]

  • 1910: Shankar Abaji Bhise, an Indian inventor, who was dying in Paris, France of a severe malarial infection was treated with a crude thick black liquid, used as a household remedy for fevers, made out of seaweed. He made a full recovery.[3][4]
  • 1913–1931: Bhise researched the seaweed liquid, and started producing and selling it in England and later in the U.S., naming it Beslin (Best Liquid Iodine). Bhise went into partnership with Laboratoire Durveaux.
  • 1931: Bhise went to Virginia and received channelled "readings" (readings #358-1 & -2) by American mystic Edgar Cayce about making his product better. It involved treating the iodine by a specific electrical charging process that was outlined in detail.
  • 1932: Bhise formed Atomidine Company after taking Cayce's term "atomic iodine" and creating a brand from it using iodine from seaweeds in saline solution instead of elemental iodine in alcohol, which was not the instructions Cayce gave. Bhise tried making it according to Cayce's instruction for electrified Atomidine in alcohol as a tincture and succeeded but never marketed it (likely because of cost, was during the Great Depression[5]).[1][6]
  • 1935–1974: Shankar Bhise died and his son, Harold, ran the company until 1948, with Schieffelin and Company of New York manufacturing the Atomidine products. In 1949 the company was turned over to Dr. Bhise’s son-in-law. In early 1974, the Heritage Store of Virginia Beach, Virginia acquired the company, manufacturing and selling Atomidine.
  • Late 1990s: A Cayce researcher by the name of Phillip "Phil" Thomas, experimented with a 1% tincture of iodine for over a decade, and achieved detoxified iodine Cayce reading #358-2 process; iodine molecule energized.[1][7]
  • 2004: John Brookshire, an American aerospace engineer and a follower of Cayce's teachings since the 1970s, modernized the process and formulated nascent iodine in consumable form 1% tincture of iodine, Cayce reading #358-1 process. Diatomic bond is broken and atom is highly energized to nascent state in electromagnetic field. The discovery was made in the struggle to assist his good friend, a missionary in Africa, with a treatment for drug-resistant malaria. The original purpose was to supply a product that could be used by the missionary to treat malaria, but as he shared his iodine, both on the mission field and with friends at home in the U.S., word spread of its encouraging results in a variety of applications. This led to the need to produce more and more product and to accept payment for the iodine, and started the Magnascent company. Brookshire donated tinctures to missionaries in Zambia and doctors in India on a regular basis.[8][9][10]
  • 2011: Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment acknowledged John Brookshire's 2004 nascent iodine formula.[9][11]

Edgar Cayce[edit]

The preparation was first conceived in 1931 by American Christian mystic Edgar Cayce in two channelled "readings" for an Indian inventor by the name of Shankar Bhise who inquired about how to improve an iodine medicine. Cayce regarded this specially formulated "atomic" iodine as far easier to assimilate than other forms.[12][13] Cayce recommended this atomic iodine or Atomidine as a therapeutic measure, in over 600 "readings". Extracts from some of his readings:

"This will not only be a curative property, but a preventative … especially for any form of disorder in glands or tissue of body" (358-2), and "with the use of this product, a more equal balance is to be gained and maintained in the system—but used properly!" (358-1) Reiterated throughout this body of information is its purpose, when taken orally, as a gland purifier and cleanser, especially affecting the thyroid, thymus, adrenals, and other ductless glands, and stimulating "the circulation through lungs, heart, liver and kidneys." (3535-1) This reaction upon the glands would create “perfect coordination between the glandular forces of the body” (1933-1) and "build strength to the whole anatomical condition of the body." (1475-1) Another reading stated that "most glands function as machinery would under oil. The iodine being the oil for the gland, see?" (294-130).[14] (the numbers that follow each quote from the readings refer to the reading filing code in the A.R.E. files)


Cayce gave two separate readings for Shankar Bhise and gave him directions with two different manufacturing methods:[15][6]

  • Reading #358-2: In a three gallon bath, 16 ounces of iodine (a 1% solution in alcohol, commonly referred to as a tincture) is bathed for five minutes in an electromagnetic field of 10 amps of resistance. This method produces the weaker less active "Detoxified" Iodine w /added energy but the % of monatomic iodine is much less. It allegedly was born out of Cayce's frustration from Bisey's complaints that the 358-1 took too much time & money. This method is much faster and cheaper, using weak electromagnetic fields and much shorter exposure times with no heat build up.
  • Reading # 358-1: In a one gallon bath, just one ounce of iodine (a 1% solution in alcohol) is bathed for 15 to 20 minutes in an electromagnetic field with a current of 30 amperes. This method produces the stronger more active atomic State (monatomic = 1 molecule) using a stronger electromagnetic field and longer exposure times, which needed stabilizing it after cooling. It yields smaller amounts of finished product per batch, but is significantly more active than the plain 358-2 method. This second method, it was theorized, achieves a nascent state of iodine by breaking the diatomic bond (the bond between two molecules) and elevating the energy of the iodine atom.[12][15]

Today, Cayce's prescribed "Atomic iodine" is made in different ways by different manufacturers, and is generally named nascent iodine, atomic iodine or detoxified iodine, each with different interpretations of the Edgar Cayce readings in which it was first recommended.[16][17][15]

Some manufacturers mix nascent iodine with other supplements (such as herbs) in the bottle, which would bond when this free form of iodide is exposed to a positively charged ion, such as sodium or potassium, as it would be in a liquid supplement, it will bind with these to form sodium iodide or potassium iodide, basically nullifying its nascent state.[18]


The name Atomidine is an unregistered trademark of The Heritage Store (was a registered trademark between 2001 and 2008[19]). Their formula contains iodine in the form of iodine trichloride and aqueous solution, which is treated with several herbal compounds.[20][21]

The name Atomic Iodine is an unegistered trademark of Baar Products, Inc. Baar is the official Supplier of A.R.E.'s Edgar Cayce Health Care.[22] Baar Atomic Iodine is made with 1% iodine-trichloride in aqueous solution,[17] with an added proprietary blend of herbs.[23]

The name Detoxadine is a registered trademark of Global Healing Center. Their formula is made of elemental iodine in glycerin aqueous solution. They state "Historically, nascent iodine has been made using electricity to break iodine’s diatomic bond and create a single, highly energized atom. However, it is difficult to use this method on the scale necessary to produce sufficient quantities". They use nanoemulsion technology (smaller drops) for their Iodine formula.[24] Alex Jones's Survival Shield X-2 is a private label of the Global Healing Center formula.[25][26][27]

The name Magnascent is a registered trademark of John Brookshire, owner of the 2004 nascent iodine patent.[citation needed] LL Magnetic Clay Nascent Iodine is also based on his patent.[28][29][30]


Other patented applications of nascent iodine are produced chemically or through electrolytic means[31][32] or by laser,[33] and their half-life is very short and none of them is a consumable form of nascent iodine, while the improvement recommended by Cayce is produced electromagnetically and is consumable. The consumable nascent iodine hypothesis is that splitting of the diatomic bond through homolytic cleavage then each atom becomes paramagnetic in nature, able to take magnetic charging. If this charge is sufficient to keep the atom from entering the nascent state until the energy is dissipated through electromagnetic relaxation, such as water, then there is a period of activation or usefulness to the body, of two or three hours.[31]

Brookshire patented nascent iodine tincture[1] formulated according to Cayce's reading #358-1.[9][34]


In 1929 the FDA Bureau of Chemistry stated on Atomidine advertised health claims "As far as our records go, all of these claims are without a scintilla of printed scientific evidence to substantiate the claim that Atomidine is superior or even the equal to tincture of iodine...".[35]

Biologist Wojciech Rychlik in an article for about iodine supplementation, wrote:

The diatomic form of elemental iodine I2, has no electrical charge. Monoatomic iodine also has no electrical charge, but is unstable and highly reactive (free radical, labeled as an I with a dot, I* ). It can be produced by exposing I2 to ultraviolet light. Electric and magnetic fields won't do it, as is sometimes incorrectly suggested.

I should mention a few points about Edgar Cayce's atomidine. This famous visionary wrote several articles about the best form of iodine supplement (18). Some claim that this was iodine trichloride, but that cannot be true as this compound is toxic by ingestion and damaging to mucous membranes. It decomposes to ICl and poisonous gas Cl2 at 77 degrees C and also in water at room temperature (19). Most likely Cayce's atomidine was simply a 1% iodine solution (I2) in 95% ethanol. I am surprised that there are educated people, even medical doctors who claim that "elemental monoatomic iodine" preparations (Atomidine, Nascent Iodine etc.) are the best forms of iodine supplements. May be it has something to do with efficient marketing? Elemental Iodine (I2) is soluble in glycerin. Replacement of ethanol with glycerol indeed makes these supplements more consumption-friendly, so they are sold by some vendors as superior products to Cayce's ethanol-formulated one. Personally, I think glycerol-based I2 supplements are inferior to iodides; however, they are excellent antiseptics.

The best and safest form of iodine supplementation for a healthy adult is iodide. Iodides are naturally produced in larger quantities by various seaweeds.[36]

The concept of nascent state is obsolete.[37][38] Thus, the name nascent iodine is a misrepresentation.


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