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Naseebo lal is a Pakistani singer well known for her Punjabi songs in Pakistani films and stage dramas. She has a melodious and different voice which makes her popular in Punjabi culture.

Naseebo Lal was born into a nomadic family, who were originally from Rajasthan, India. The gypsy sounding tribe migrated to Pakistani Punjab. She spent her childhood in Chishtian, Punjab Pakistan. soon after the partition of India. Naseebo Lal, who always wanted to sing from an early age, spent her childhood singing at weddings and family gatherings.

Growing up, Lal was frequently singing songs of Madam Noor Jehan, but never did she think of appearing on stage or television, especially as it was against her family’s tradition. As she gained popularity, the family gradually supported her to take up singing as a profession.

Her voice was one which one could easily identify with a few moments of listening.

Her voice is only for Punjabi songs. She is one of the greatest singer. She recorded more than 100 albums and singing unlimited songs.

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