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The territory of Croatia is divided by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics into small settlements, in Croatian naselje (singular; pl. naselja).[1] They indicate existing or former human settlement (similar to the United States census designated places) and are not necessarily incorporated places. Rather, the administrative units (local authorities) are cities (Croatian: grad, gradovi) and municipalities (Croatian: općina, općine), which are composed of one or more naselje. As of 2008, there are 6,749 naselja in Croatia.[2]

Rural individual settlements are by and large referred to as selo (village). The Constitution of Croatia allows a naselje or a part thereof to form some form of local government.[3] This form of local government is typically used to subdivide the city settlements; a city usually includes an eponymous large settlement which in turn consists of several units named gradski kotar (city district), gradska četvrt (city district or city borough) in the city of Zagreb, and/or mjesni odbor (local committee/board).

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