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Nash Timbers
IndustryBuilding and Construction Materials
HeadquartersSydney, Australia
Key people
David Nash, CEO and managing director
WebsiteNash Timbers Homepage

Nash Timbers is a global and domestic distributor of timber flooring, joinery, and beams.

The company, based in Sydney, Australia, was founded in 2003 by David Nash. Nash Timbers is notable for its stance on green timber and for its role as a major informant to key industry figures, concerning the origin and proper use of wood products.


A railway bridge in country Australia, David Nash single-handedly stopped the government's practice of burning old railway bridges, thus saving timber up to 400 years old.[1]

Prior to establishing Nash Timbers, managing director David Nash was the part owner and the managing director of competing timber company Ironwood (originally known as Rozelle Recycled Building Center, when first opened by David Nash in 1993). However, by late 2002, David was seeking a new business direction. He resigned from his position as managing director whilst maintaining his part ownership in the company.

Soon after resigning from Ironwood, Nash, along with a number of colleagues from Ironwood, started up Nash Timbers. With its newfound objectives in place the business was quick to expand, aided by a loyal customer base already established from Ironwood. In 2005 Nash Timbers expanded to include its own floor laying division, Nash Finishes. The company has since provided timber to a number of large local developments and international developments such as the Hilton Hotel in Fiji and projects in New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Recently Nash Timbers has gained importance as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Master Builders Association (MBA) accredited[2] industry informant, promoting the use of timber through sustainable methods, such as recycling or the FSC System. Nash Timbers' stance on environmental sustainability has helped lead the industry in a "greener" direction; David is applauded on the Greenpeace website for his work in developing and promoting the recycled timber industry, especially in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.[3] As well as this, Nash Timbers was included in the Eco Smart section at the HIA Sydney Home show, a section that promoted environmentally sustainable building solutions.[4]


Recycling timber[edit]

Timber salvaged from the bridge pictured above

A large percentage of Nash Timbers’ products are recycled timber. David Nash was one of the first people to recognize the value of demolition timber and he has made significant contributions to the growth of the industry, through such feats as stopping State Rail's practice of burning old railway bridges.[5] Nash Timbers mainly source their recycled timber from old bridges and wharves. Once the timber is salvaged it is then milled, which includes the process of removing nails and bolts and cutting the timber down to size.[6]

Green timber[edit]

Due to the scarcity of recyclable timber and the difficulties presented when working with second hand timber, Nash Timbers also provides a large amount of new timber from properly managed Australian Forests.[7] Nash Timbers abides by the "Australian Forest Certification Scheme", a system that enables all users and consumers of timber to choose stock from sources that have been certified as being derived from sustainable managed forests.[8]

Nash Finishes[edit]

Nash Finishes is the floor laying division of Nash Timbers that was founded in 2005. Nash Finishes lay, sand and finish timber floors.

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