Nashua Transit System

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Nashua Transit System
Nashua Transit System logo.png
Founded Trolley service: 1895
Bus service: 1931
Headquarters 11 Riverside St.
Locale Nashua, NH
Service area Urban area
Service type Bus service, paratransit
Routes 9
Hubs Elm St. Bus Station (Nashua Transit Center)
Fuel type Diesel, CNG

Nashua Transit System provides public transit services for the city of Nashua, New Hampshire, located just on the outskirts of suburban Boston. NTS, also known as CityBus, provides nine scheduled bus routes to major city destinations, and Citylift operates the paratransit service. In 2004, Metro Magazine named NTS as "one of the 10 Most Improved Transit Systems" in the United States.

CityBus routes[edit]

Routes run from 6:15 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, with limited service on Saturdays (2A and 6A do not run on Saturdays).

Scheduled bus routes:


Citylift is a demand responsive transport system, providing shared rides to those with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act or who are more than 60 years old.

After-7 service[edit]

Nashua Transit System provides passengers with three routes after normal business hours. These routes run from 7 pm to 11 pm, Monday to Friday, with limited service on Saturdays.

  • Central: French Hill-Broad St.
  • North: North End-Amherst St.
  • South: South End-Pheasant Lane Mall

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