Nasi ambeng

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Nasi ambeng
Nasi ambeng.jpg
Nasi ambeng in Malaysia.
Place of origin Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Region or state Central Java, Johor, Selangor
Main ingredients Rice, Fried Tempeh, Perkedel, Rempeyek, Rendang, Sambal Goreng, Boiled egg, and Urap
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Nasi ambeng or Nasi ambang is a fragrant rice dish that consists of white rice prepared with chicken curry or chicken cooked in soy sauce, rendang, vegetables, perkedel, some salted fish, fried coconut flesh, and so on. It is a popular Javanese cuisine, especially in the Javanese-Malay communities in Malaysian states of Selangor and Johor, Singapore and also in Java, Indonesia. It is served during the festivities in a tray and enjoyed together by four to five people.