Nasi tempong

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Nasi tempong
Nasi tempong ikan goreng 2.jpg
Alternative namesSega témpong (Osing)
CourseMain course
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateBanyuwangi, East Java
Created byOsing or Javanese
Serving temperaturehot

Nasi tempong (Javanese: ꦱꦼꦒꦠꦺꦩ꧀ꦥꦺꦴꦁ, romanized: sega témpong; Pegon: سيجا تمبونغ) is an Indonesian rice dish, typical food of Osing people in Banyuwangi, consists of steamed rice with boiled vegetables (includes boiled spinach, cosmos and basil leaves), tofu, tempeh, corn fritter and fried ariid catfish. This rice dish served with kencur sambal[1] or terasi sambal.[2] [3]

The "tempong" term is a word in Osing language which means "to be slapped" in English. Thus the nasi tempong named because the spicy taste of nasi tempong which giving a sensation like being slapped.

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