Nasir Jang Mir Ahmad

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Nasir Jang Mir Ahmad (February 26, 1712 – December 16, 1750) was the Nizam, or ruler, of the Hyderabad State from 1748 to 1750.

Official name[edit]

His official name was Humayun, Nizam ud-Daula, Nawab Mir Ahmad Ali Khan Siddqi Bahadur, Nasir Jang, Nawab Subadar of the Deccan.


He ruled Hyderabad State in India from June 1, 1748 to 1750. He was appointed as his father's Deputy during his absence in Delhi in 1737–1741. He attempted to seize power, but was defeated by his father at the Eid Gah Maidan in Aurangabad, on July 23, 1741. After his father's death, he ascended the throne on June 2, 1748 at Burhanpur.


He was killed at Dupleix-Fathabad (Sarasangupettai), near Gingee, by the Pathan Himmat Khan, Nawab of Kadapa, on December 16, 1750 and was buried at the Mausoleum of Hazrat Burhan ud-Din Gharib, Khuldabad.

Positions held[edit]

Nasir Jang Mir Ahmad
Preceded by
Qamar-ud-din Khan, Asif Jah I
Nizam of Hyderabad
1 June 1748 – 16 December 1750
Succeeded by
Muhyi ad-Din Muzaffar Jang Hidayat

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