Nasiruddin Nasrat Shah

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A copper coin of Nusrat

Nasiruddin Nasrat Shah (Bengali:নুসরাত শাহ ) 1519–1533 (died 1533), son of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah, was sultan of Bengal from 1519 until his assassination in 1533.[1] He married Ibrahim Lodi's daughter.[2] He continued his father's expansionist policies after succeeding him, adding more territory to his sultanate early on in his reign, but after 1526 had to contend with the Mughal ascendency, and also suffered a reverse at the hands of the Ahom kingdom.

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Preceded by
Alauddin Husain Shah
Sultanate of Bengal
Hussain Shahi dynasty

Succeeded by
Alauddin Firuz Shah II