Nasolacrimal canal

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Nasolacrimal canal
The lacrimal apparatus. Right side.
Tear system.svg
Tear system.

a = lacrimal gland
b = superior lacrimal punctum
c = superior lacrimal canal
d = lacrimal sac
e = inferior lacrimal punctum
f = inferior lacrimal canal
g = nasolacrimal canal
Latin canalis nasolacrimalis
TA A02.1.00.085
FMA 54370
Anatomical terms of bone

The canal containing the nasolacrimal duct is called the nasolacrimal canal.

It is formed by indentations in the inferior nasal conchae, maxilla and lacrimal bone. It drains to into the nasal cavity through the anterior portion of the inferior meatus which is between the inferior concha and the floor of the nasal cavity.

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