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Nasri (Arabic: نصري‎, IPA: [nasˤriː]) meaning support or victory is an Arabic male given name, which also appears as a surname. This surname is mostly found in the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, and Tunisia.


  • Nasri, Iran, village in Gafr and Parmon Rural District, Gafr and Parmon District, Bashagard County, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Given name[edit]

Middle name[edit]

  • Makram Nasri Kaiser (1930-1996), Egyptian scientist, biologist, medical and veterinary acarologist, leading authority on ticks of the genus Hyalomma


  • Assala Nasri (born 1969), Syrian singer
  • Maya Nasri, Lebanese actress and singer
  • Neophytos Nasri (1670–1731), bishop of Saidnaya of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church and who took a preeminent part in the 1724 split of the Melkite Church
  • Noura Nasri, Tunisian shooter and Olympian
  • Samir Nasri (born 1987), French footballer
  • Yousef El Nasri (born 1979), Spanish long-distance runner of Moroccan origin

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