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Nasrollah Kasraian (Persian: نصرالله کسرائیان‎, born 1944 in Khorramabad, Iran) is an Iranian photographer.


A graduate in law from Tehran University, Nasrollah Kasraian has been engaged in photography since 1966. The Kasraian family is an influential Iranian family. Many of the family members are important artists in Iran and are also internationally known. Nasrollah Kasraian is married to Ziba Arshi, a sociologist who accompanies him on his expeditions and collaborates with him in the publication of his works. They have three daughters and live in Tehran.

Photography career[edit]

Kasraian travels around Iran taking pictures of all ethnic groups and publishes them in photobooks. The pictures are supplemented by detailed texts about the particular subject of each photobook. The text for the photbooks is often written by Kasraian's wife Ziba Arshi. Some of the photobooks are also made in collaboration with his brother Ghodratollah Kasraian.

Some important ethnological works are based on the work of Nasrollah Kasraian. One example is The nomadic people of Iran of Richard Tapper and Jon Thompson. The photo book Persepolis was made in collaboration with Mehrdad Bahar.

Nasrollah Kasraian's work has appeared in GEO (German and French), Airone (Italian), Grand Reportages (French), Animan (Switzerland) and Altaiir (Spain). His published collected works in Iran include "Our Homeland, Iran", "Turkmans of Iran", "Kurds of Iran" , "Balouchestan" , "Qashqais" , "Deserts of Iran" , " Bazaars of Iran" , "Damavand", "Isfahan", "Persepolis" and ... ; Also "l'Iran Rural" , "Kurdistan" and "The nomadic peoples of Iran" published abroad .

His exhibitions have been held Iran, England, France, Austria, Sweden, Canada, Holland, Belgium and the United States.

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