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Naser Razzazi (Kurdish: ناسر ڕەزازی‎ or Nasir Rezazî; born Jun 21, 1955) in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan is a Kurdish singer, poet and writer and is considered as one of the most famous and popular singers in Kurdish music and is a grand master in the tradition. His music encompasses traditional Kurdish folk songs in four different Kurdish dialects, Soranî, Kurmanji, Hewramî (Zhawaroee) and Kalhori (Southern Kurdish).[citation needed]

Naser Razzazi, sometimes written Nasr or Naser Rezzazi or Rezazî was born to a poor family in Iran, but has lived most of his life in the Kurdish diaspora, mainly Sweden. After Saddam Hussein's fall, he returned to live in Iraq.[citation needed]

In addition to singing, and since he had started his life as a school teacher, Rezazi has developed writings in Kurdish literature, helps in propagation of Kurdish language through music and poetry.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Nasser was married to the famous Kurdish singer Merziye Feriqi. She died on September 18, 2005 at the age of 47 after a surgery in Sweden. He had three children from her, sons Mardîn and Kardo and daughter Dilnîya Rezazî. The latter followed in the path of both her parents and is an artist in her own right.[citation needed]

He has also served as a peshmerga soldier, in Iranian Kurdistan, under the political kurdish party of Komalah for the struggle of an independent Kurdistan. During his period as a guerrilla soldier, fighting for the Kurdish cause, his first audience is namely the peshmerga.[citation needed]



  • 1979: Dêwane Xom (دێوانە خۆم)
  • 1982: Gomeşîn (گۆمەشین)
  • 1984: Le Gulan (لە گوڵان)
  • 1988: Helebce (ھەڵەبجە)
  • 1993: Rezyane (ڕەزیانە)
  • 1994: Nyaz (نیاز)
  • 1995: Be Pîroz (بە پیرۆز)
  • 1996: Xemî Nan (خەمی نان)
  • 2000: Kirmaşan (کرماشان)
  • 2010: Êwareye (ئێوارەیە)
  • 2012: Bîrewerî (بیره‌وه‌ری)


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  • Lyrics to Nasir Rezazî's music and songs can be found at the Kurdish Lyrics archive Bêjebêje.