Nasz Dziennik

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Nasz Dziennik
Nasz Dziennik daily (front page).jpg
Nasz Dziennik, front cover
Type Daily newspaper
Format Compact
Publisher Spes sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Editor-in-chief Ewa Nowina-Konopka
Founded 1998; 19 years ago (1998)
Language Polish
Headquarters Warsaw
Website Nasz Dziennik

Nasz Dziennik ("Our Daily") is a Polish language daily newspaper, published in Warsaw, Poland.

History and profile[edit]

Nasz Dziennik was established in 1998. The paper is published by Spes Ltd.[1]

The Nasz Dziennik official website informs that the paper aims to examine issues relating to social, cultural, political and religious matters; and provide information "about which other media are silent" while promoting Christian values.[2] Therefore, it is a conservative publication.[3]

Its editor-in-chief is Ewa Nowina Konopka, and one of the main sources of its revenue is advertising at both, local as well as national level.[4] Nasz Dziennik is part of the independent Catholic media network founded by Fr Tadeusz Rydzyk,[5] director of the Lux Veritatis Foundation which owns the TV channel Trwam and Radio Maryja station.[6]

The circulation of Nasz Dziennik was 129,500 copies in January-February 2001.[1] Its circulation was about 150,000 as of 2007.[7] Alternate sources listed its 1999 circulation at 250,000;[8] and its 1998 readership at 600,000 (according to Rzeczpospolita).[9]


Regular contributors to Nasz Dziennik include:


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