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Logo NK.svg
Type of businessPrivately held company
Type of site
Social network
OwnerForticom (~70%)
Nasza Klasa Sp. z o.o. (~30%)

NK.pl, formerly Nasza-klasa.pl (nasza klasa is Polish for "our class"), is a Polish school-based social networking service used by alumni and students.[1] NK.pl is owned 70% by Forticom, an IT company based in Latvia, and the rest is owned by the Polish Nasza-Klasa Sp.z.o.o., Nasza-Klasa's founding company.[2] Founded in 2006


NK.pl was launched on 11 November 2006 by Maciej Popowicz, Paweł Olchawa, Michał Bartoszkiewicz, and Łukasz Adziński, four college students studying computer science at the University of Wrocław.[3] The company is headquartered in Wrocław, Poland, and its name comes from the song "Nasza Klasa" by Jacek Kaczmarski.

The website enjoyed spectacular growth and success, and one 2009 study called it a "model example of the ‘rags to riches’ ideal of an enterprise construed with no financial funding and no institutional support (neither from ASP/ISP corporations nor from central/local administration)".[4] Specifically, as of 2009 the service had 13.5 million active users.[5] NK.pl ranks among the top five Polish social networking portals, behind Google.pl, Onet.pl, and Wirtualna Polska, and it attracts more than 50% of Polish Internet users (10% of the traffic comes from abroad).[4]

As of July 2009 86% of its users lived in Poland, according to Alexa, but, surprisingly, it was also popular in Norway, where it was the fifth most popular social networking website in 2009.[6] June 2010 rebranding and changes in terms of use, demanding that users allow the portal to use their main photo commercially together with selected private information, triggered mass exodus. As of August 2014 the number of registered users had plummeted to less than 7 million, with many former users having switched to Facebook, the world's largest social network.[7]


It allows users to register with particular schools and graduation years and users are able to keep and maintain personal pages with details about their personal life and past education. NK.pl does not require an invitation to join but registration is required to browse the service.

NK.pl offers a wide variety of privacy settings which try to make the user feel protected by offering updated advice and instructions about how to safeguard their privacy on NK.pl as well as the portal.[8] It has a privacy team that works with law enforcement to resolve matters related to threatening and dangerous posts and other illegal activity.[citation needed]

NK.pl also works with childcare services such as the Nobody's Children Foundation, which takes care of the healthy psychological and mental development of children.[8]

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