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Type of businessPrivately held company
Type of site
Social network
FoundedNovember 11, 2006; 17 years ago (2006-11-11)
DissolvedJuly 27, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-07-27)
OwnerRingier Axel Springer Polska
Current statusDefunct

NK.pl, formerly Nasza-klasa.pl (English: Our-class.pl), was a Polish school-based social networking service used by alumni and students.[1] NK.pl was owned and administered by Ringier Axel Springer Polska.[2]


NK.pl was launched on 11 November 2006 by Maciej Popowicz, Paweł Olchawa, Michał Bartoszkiewicz, and Łukasz Adziński, four college students studying computer science at the University of Wrocław.[3] The company was headquartered in Wrocław, Poland, and its name came from the song "Nasza Klasa" by Jacek Kaczmarski.[citation needed]

The website enjoyed success, and one 2009 study called it a "model example of the ‘rags to riches’ ideal of an enterprise construed with no financial funding and no institutional support (neither from ASP/ISP corporations nor from central/local administration)".[4] In 2009, the service had 13.5 million active users.[5] NK.pl then ranked among the top five websites used in Poland, behind Google.pl, Onet.pl, and Wirtualna Polska, and it was visited by more than 50% of Polish Internet users each month (with 10% of the traffic coming from abroad).[4]

As of July 2009 86% of its users lived in Poland, according to Alexa. The site was also popular in Norway, where it was the fifth most popular social networking website in 2009.[6][failed verification] In June 2010, a rebranding and changes to terms of use demanding that users allow the portal to use their profile photo commercially along with select private information, triggered a mass exodus.[citation needed] As of August 2014 the number of registered users had plummeted to less than 7 million, with many users having switched to Facebook.[7]

In November 2014 Ringier Axel Springer Polska signed agreement to buy NK.pl from Excolimp Investemnts.[8]

On May 26, 2021, NK.pl announced its closure effective July 27 of the same year.[2]


Registered users could pick their school and graduation year. Users were also able to create personal pages with details about their life and past education.

NK.pl offered a wide variety of privacy settings, additionally offering up-to-date advice and instructions about privacy on NK.pl as well as the portal.[9][clarification needed] It had a trust and safety team that worked with law enforcement to resolve matters related to threatening and dangerous posts and other illegal activity.[citation needed]

NK.pl also cooperated with childcare services, such as the Nobody's Children Foundation, which takes care of psychological needs and healthy mental development of children.[9][failed verification]

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