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Nat is a given name (usually masculine), nickname and surname.

It is a nickname for Nathan, Nathaniel, Natalie, or Natalia.

It may refer to the following people:

Given name or nickname[edit]

  • Nat Adderley (1931–2000), American jazz cornet and trumpet player
  • Nat Adderley, Jr. (born 1955), American pop and rhythm and blues music arranger and pianist, son of the above
  • Nat Ayer (1887–1952), American composer, pianist, singer and actor
  • Nat Bailey (1902-1978), American-born Canadian restaurateur
  • Nat Bentham, English professional rugby league footballer
  • Nat Brown (born 1981), English footballer
  • Nathaniel Burbank (1838–1901), American humorist, drama critic, and newspaper editor
  • Nat King Cole (1919-1965), American singer and jazz pianist
  • Nat Cook, Australian politician
  • Nat Faxon (born 1975), American actor, comedian and Academy Award-winning screenwriter
  • Nat Gonella (1908–1998), English jazz trumpeter, bandleader, vocalist and mellophonist
  • Nat Hentoff (born 1925), American historian, novelist, jazz and country music critic and syndicated columnist
  • Nat Hickey (1902–1979), American basketball and minor league baseball player and coach
  • Nat Hiken (1914–1968), American radio and television writer, producer and songwriter
  • Nat Holman (1896-1995), American early professional basketball player and innovator, member of the Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Nat Lofthouse (1925-2011), English footballer
  • Nat Love (1854-1921), African-American cowboy and former slave
  • Nat Mauldin, American screenwriter, television writer and film producer
  • Nat Militzok (1923–2009), American basketball player who played in the first National Basketball Association game
  • Nat Moore (born 1951), American retired National Football League player
  • Nat Pendleton (1895-1967), American actor and Olympic wrestler
  • Nat Perrin (1905–1998), American comedy writer
  • Nat Pierce (1925-1992), American jazz pianist, composer and arranger
  • Nat Quansah, botanist from Ghana
  • Nat Rogers (1893-?), baseball player in the Negro leagues
  • Nat Shapiro (1922-1983), American jazz writer and record producer
  • Nat Mayer Shapiro (1919-2005), American visual artist
  • Nat Simon (1900–1979), American composer, pianist, bandleader and songwriter
  • Nat Stuckey (1933-1988), American country music singer
  • Nat Towles (1905–1963), African-American musician and jazz and big band leader
  • Nat Turner (1800-1831), African-American slave who led a rebellion of slaves and free blacks
  • Nat Walton (1866–1930), English international footballer
  • Nat Wolff (born 1994), American actor and lead singer for the TV series The Naked Brothers Band
  • Nat Young (born 1947), Australian surfer and author
  • Nat Young (American surfer) (born 1991), professional surfer
  • Can Be Used As A Racist Slur


  • Marie-José Nat (born 1940), French film and television actress
  • Yves Nat (1890–1956), French pianist and composer

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