Nat Ma Taung

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Nat Ma Taung
Khaw-nu-soum / Mount Victoria
Nat Ma Taung is located in Myanmar
Nat Ma Taung
Nat Ma Taung
Location in Burma
Elevation 3,070 m (10,070 ft)[1]
Prominence 2,148 m (7,047 ft)[1]
Listing List of Ultras of Southeast Asia
Location Chin State, Burma
Range Chin Hills
Coordinates 21°14′00″N 93°54′00″E / 21.23333°N 93.90000°E / 21.23333; 93.90000Coordinates: 21°14′00″N 93°54′00″E / 21.23333°N 93.90000°E / 21.23333; 93.90000
First ascent unknown
Easiest route climb

Nat Ma Taung (Burmese: နတ်မတောင်; also known as Mount Victoria and Khaw-nu-soum or Khonuamthung in Chin), is the highest mountain in the Chin State of western Burma.[2] Located in Kanpalet Township, Mindat District, Mount Victoria is part of the Chin Hills range.

With a height of 3,053 metres (10,016 ft) above sea level and a prominence of 2,231 metres (7,320 ft), Nat Ma Taung is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.[3]


Nat Ma Taung lies in the Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma montane forests ecoregion. Surrounded at lower elevations by tropical and subtropical moist forests, Nat Ma Taung's higher elevations form a sky island, home to many temperate and alpine species typical of the Himalaya further north, as well as many endemic species.

The mountain is now protected within Nat Ma Taung National Park (နတ်မတောင်အမျိုးသားဥယျာဉ်), established in 1994.[4]

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