Nataša Gollová

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Nataša Gollová
Nataša Gollová083.jpg
Gollová083 in 1940
Born(1912-02-27)27 February 1912
Brno, Moravia, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)
Died29 October 1988(1988-10-29) (aged 76)
Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)
Years active1930-1984

Nataša Gollová, real name Nataša Hodáčová (27 February 1912 – 29 October 1988) was a Czechoslovak film actress.[1][dead link] She appeared in 55 films and television shows between 1930 and 1984. She was granddaughter of Jaroslav Goll and was buried in the Hodáč family grave at Vyšehrad Cemetery in Prague.

Selected filmography[edit]


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