Natal Drums

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Natal Drums
Drum & Percussion
Industry musical instruments
Founded 1965; 50 years ago (1965)
Founder Alan Sharp
Headquarters Bletchley, England, United Kingdom
Products drums, drum hardware
Owner Marshall Amplification
Parent Marshall Amplification
Slogan The Power & The Glory

Natal Drums (in past known as Natal Percussion Company) is an English drum and hardware manufacturing company based in Bletchley, England, United Kingdom.

In 2010 was purchased by Marshall Amplification.[1]

Natal had great success in the late 1960s thanks to its revolutionary fiberglass congas that was used by bands like Santana, T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones.[2]

The name is a composition of the company's founder's and his wife's names: NATalie and ALan.



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